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Default Re: Do you still have fear of popping?
Yes, but it's not as paralyzing as when I was a kid (seeing balloons in public was awful, I, like I'm sure a lot of others here, went out of my way yo avoid situations where they would be around. I guess the term that I've heard that I would describe as most accurate, although I feel there are likely countless permutations of what/why it "does it" for someone, is that I am a semi-popper. I like to sit pop balloons, if them popping isn't a possibility (not blown up enough, what I'm sitting on them on is too soft, etc) then there is no thrill in it for me. The magic moment if you will is when the excitement becomes greater than the fear. Once the first bang happens I'll pop a few to a bunch more before I finish the session. If there are balloons left after the session I can't pop them without the whole build up, I'll cut the neck with scissors and quietly let the air out without popping them.
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