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Default 147 Balloons
Hey everyone, quick share. I was helping out at a conference that my mom organized. At the conference, there were 4 beautiful purple, white, and black 12" balloon columns amongst a sea of mylar balloons that were floating along the ceiling. When the conference was over, everyone who hosted had to clean up, so I decided to stay and help my mom. Well apparently I must've done something good to deserve what came next.

I had a feeling that the balloon columns would have to be "cleaned" at one point. Trying to hold in my excitement, I "volunteered" for the job before anyone else could. Sadly, some people were disappointed that we had to get rid of something so beautiful, but one of the organizers decided that we could give the mylars away to the kids in their place. Besides... before anyone else could say anything, I was like "Don't sweat it, I got this!" And I hurried outside with the 4 balloon columns in tow. I knew some people were afraid of the popping sound so I masked my actions as being considerate of those people. But truthfully I was having such a hard time keeping myself together, you could hear it in my voice, I was sweating a little, and figety. I couldn't help it.

Anyways, I took the balloons outside to this patio spot that was right around the corner from a tunnel that was right below the building the conference was hosted at. Without even realizing it, the tunnel wound up amplifying the balloon popping like 5 times the normal sound. Using my hands and feet, I spent the next 10 minutes popping all 147 of those balloons! OMG I still get excited thinking of it now. To be honest, as much as I love popping, I still get nervous for pops, which I actually thing adds to the "rush" that I get from popping balloons. So all 147 pops echoed as huge booms in the tunnel, which was just an out of this world experience. I popped the columns fast for a minute with my hands, before switching to my feet. I stomped them much more slowly, and really savored the sound, which was even louder than by hand.

Anyways thanks for reading, I thought I would share my awesome weekend. I included some photos so you all could see what I got to play with. Happy looning everyone!
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