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Default Generally, are looners also cuddlers?
I'm not sure how to post a poll, so I guess I'll just see if posting this takes me to a POLL option or not.

EDIT: DAGNABBIT, this software gives me only THREE minutes to phrase my poll questions! That's not enough time. So, no poll...I missed the deadline.

I've been in at least somewhat intimate situations with three other male looners; I've actually been sexual with one of them. But, the other two without actual sex on my part - though that doesn't mean I didn't have an erection - have been very cool with cuddling, though in my experience most dudes don't really care much for that.

That said, and about the erection, that is actually something rather rare in my case, because cuddling entirely transcends and overwhelms any sexual urges. I cuddled with a looner very recently, and he/we enjoyed it immensely, though I don't think he had ever cuddled with a guy before.

I've also developed (more or less on my own) an ultra-light massage touch which is (I believe) far rarer than even cuddling is. My best friend was once an escort and we do that kind of cuddling sometimes, and he told me in years of escorting I may have been his only client with the "light touch."

So, in my experience, cuddling is not all that common, but I'm wondering if it's more common with looners. After all, many of us hug balloons or inflatables, or straddle them (while usually stroking them), etc.

Furthermore, I'm curious if there's a difference between poppers and non-poppers, in the tendency to enjoy cuddling.

Anyway, let's see if this becomes a poll. If not:
aa. Cuddling is "da bomb!" and I like to do it as much as humanly possible. Cuddling can be (and often is) entirely platonic for me, and is a valid end in itself.

bb. Cuddling doesn't always mean that we're heading toward sex, and it's fun, but it's not entirely necessary and it "gets old" after too long. So, even when the option exists, it won't inevitably happen.

cc. Cuddling is something that sometimes happens if the other person is into it, but it's invariably foreplay that usually leads into sex, so it's basically a means-to-an-end. (a/k/a "happy ending")

dd. Cuddling?!!? Hah! What a waste of time!

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