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Default Re: Generally, are looners also cuddlers?
By the way, I'm SOLIDLY in the "aa" option all the way, so much that I've actually joined a couple of platonic cuddling groups. Though I'm unabashedly gay, one of the groups is "co-ed" (guys and women) and a woman was in my "spoon" for over an hour as I intermittently hugged her and rubbed her shoulders, neck, upper back...or sometimes reached a little farther over and rubbed a guy's back. (The woman was in his "fork," i. e. cuddling while facing each other.) I had my back to a guy who had me in HIS spoon, and I was rubbing his arm and right shoulder, and sometimes reaching farther back and rubbing the guy who was spooning him.

Yes, five people in a "cuddle puddle."

I doubt that the "aa" option is anything less than exotic; I don't expect to see many other people fall into that group.
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