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Several years ago in Las Vegas my sweet and very hot wife blew 2 balloons in front of the Bellagio She doesnt smoke but knows I also have that fetish. She asked for a cigarette and promptly blew a 17 in tuftex while smoking Teasing me as if she was going to pop it, but ended up stepping on it. I gave her a Q16 and she took that to the max but paused and while sitting on the bench touched it to the ground. BANG! she didnt even flinch. People were yelling and hooting out the car windows as this was going on. I was engrosed in video recording the event. The same trip she got up on a stage that was back from the main stage at a club and blew 2 12 in balloons to pop (while dancing with another lady) to the cheers of the audience. She is not shy and fearless. I am so lucky.
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