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Default Re: Getting Caught Looning by GF
Well to be fair we have a very strong bond that luckily lasted even through this, that still didnt make this an easy discovery, as she continued about it for weeks. Sometimes in mocking manner (thats how it felt at least not sure if she really meant it that way) other times in a teasing way that was much more "fun" if you can define it that way.

Over the course of the last weeks, month or so she has grown to the point of accepting it as it is and how i am. She acknownledges and understands now after lots of different conversations, however it is not like we share any balloon experiences yet at least.

Perhaps in time this will come once our relationship develops further, she added a few things of her own that she enjoys in the bedroom but nothing that can be classified as a fetish or even come close to a balloon fetish.

I think eventually there just came a point of acceptance because of the love we have for each other, this for me in the form of a very inappropriately large bundle of helium balloons delivered to my door, which obviously kind of freaked me out on one side because this happened during day time by a van that had balloons and everything on the side of it.

I am not quite sure anyone noticed this event taking place especially my neighbours and it is also not something to worry about.
I knew the lady that delivered it as i visited her shop for a large quantity of big balloons and a new pump a few months prior to this.
She recognized me, but did not engage into conversation about the subject, she handed me the balloons and told me who they were from and left.

I took them and placed them in my bedroom, she came over a day later with a big smile looked at them and told me to enjoy them. We had sex later that night but the balloons were not involved.

Thats my progress so far..
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