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Smile Re: Do you have to blow up balloons as part of your job?
Not me personally.

However, I used to work at a charity shop and there was this one time where we had this special vintage going on after closing hours.

My manager (about thirty, long hair, slimb body, bit of a rockstar, good looking etc) had ordered balloons (to my delight) to decorate the shop with.

On my way to the kitchen I walked past the office and saw him sitting in his chair swinging left and right lightly while blowing up the balloons he ordered, a few were around him, on the desk and his lap.

I kind of stopped and stared at him for a few seconds and watched him slowly blow the balloon (pink one) to a near pear shape. He noticed and stopped and stared back. I quickly looked away and walked into the kitchen as he gave me a funny look.

Later on he decorated the checkout with them and near closing time he was leaning over the register playing with one of the balloons (a bit over inflated this time) lightly, swinging it back and forth by its neck, batting it up and down, squeezing it lightly).

He caught me watching him and I quickly walked away to the kitchen where I could watch him without him knowing through the window (can't see in). I heard him laugh a bit.

That was a fun day. Think he knows just a bit now.
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