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Default Re: How many times have you reused a balloon?
I'm also somewhat phobic. Personally my best luck has been with Tuftex, provided a good batch with minimal defects. They seem to last forever and have a softer pop if they suffer an "accident." They start to get squishy when they have been blown up too many times, and they are still okay for a long time after that. They are predictable to neck because they start to get really tight if they have been blown up too many times, so they give plenty of warning before they enter the "danger zone." lol

All brands, sizes 14 and under seem thinner and general and more prone to popping.

Q24 - mixed results, and loudest. These don't seem to age too well. I think the neck area wears out too fast from reusing a lot. They seem to always be tight regardless, so a lot less warning signs than tuftex. Same problem with belbals - have never had any that were completely free of defects, so a tight balloon with defects will pop unpredictably.
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