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Default Sexy girl’s desk fetish comes good
12 ears after she left school, I met a former pupil in a pub. She suspected I had a balloon fetish after I had drunk texted her in error (same first name and almost second name as my looner ex girlfriend) asking if she wanted to blow up balloons for me at 2am one night. She declined but said it was only as she was not in the area.

She told me in the pub, rather drunk, that she think I have this fetish but she is not going to tell anyone. Instead, at 28 and smoking hot, she wanted to do a deal. She had a teacher fetish. She wanted to sit on my desk at school and fuck. So, she suggested, she comes in and we lock the door and cover the window. She was specific that it had to be during the day as that was always her fetish.

She came in, sat on the desk in a tiny skirt which she had to take off as it was too tight to get my fingers, then mouth in. She took a cheap balloon out her bra and blow it up. As a non-popper, it was good that it was a soft safe balloon but I swapped it for my favourite pink Q11” from my desk drawer. She blew that up slowly and I put my hand up her top to I clip her bra. It took ages, never like the films, but it was done and a few more balloons fell out between for boobs.

As the balloon got to about half size, I started to worry it would pop. And if we got caught, my job could be over too. But her fetish and mine would be nice together if we could play nice together.

I likcked her pussy with delighted, she almost contracted in delight and I heard the balloon slightly deflate as she exhailed. I touched the balloon as she blew it and my heart was pounding at the thought of it popping. I do like to feel the balloon get bigger. I hugged it then returned my attention to between her legs.

I moved my fingers up over her tits and rubbed them whilst I licked her out. She wanted my dick deep inside whilst she was on that desk which was a real hassle to do, but we got there. I kissed her, hard, and pushed deep inside. I would say that the balloon was about 10” big now but it felt like it was 13” and about to pop. I was terrified.

She tied it with her perfectly done false nails. I was convinced she would pop it with those nails. She beckoned for another one and blew that up too. This time, instead of batting it away, she put it between her tits and my very sweating hands. She undid my shirt and we kissed with the neck getting too long and big for my poor heart. But she was liking her fetish and I was loving mine.

That was a great day, I hope Tom repeat it sometime soon.
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