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Default How much do people pop deco bubbles?
I dont know whether people have a helium tank? But my absolute fave blow to pop is a deco bubble pop from a helium tank. The way the plastic stretches and stretches until the wrinkles disappear and then you think it will burst immediately and it often does 2x3 times the initial inflation.

I did an awesome sit fo pop of a well inflated 22 earth print deco bubble a while ago too, that was ace, but recently i just got a load of awesome prints of deco bubbles - hello kitty, heart shaped, clear, and a few orbs - pokeball, beachball print, chrome etc and just blew to pop them all in a row (and a few foil). Fouls were weakest, orbs next but they were also just friggen awesome shapes and prints, and deco bubbles were (as qtex always is) the furthest stretching, boom inducing ones of the lot. Its the way the prints stretch and almost go clear is the thing that gets me!
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