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Default Re: First ever intentional pop
I always like balloon pop, I could enjoy, when other boys blown to pop a balloon, or popped them whit pin, but I don't used to do.
My first intentional pop is the history of my first ejaculation, and start of the balloon fetish. I was 12, and I got a yellow balloon in the school. (In that time was more expensive balloons, not a very cheap item). I decided to pop it. At home alone I started to inflate it, and I discovered a new, unknown, tension feeling in my cock. The balloon and my dick was getting bigger and bigger. Some times I stopped blowing, I pushed the big balloon to my dick. It was very good and exciting. Once, during inflate suddenly popped the balloon. It was a great explosion... and I felt an other unknown feeling in my dick. I ran to the toilet and my dick spurted out a white, thick liquid. I didn't know, what was it, but it was very good and exciting feeling. it was my first ejaculation.
Next day I bought ten balloon, I decided to pop all of them. I stripped in front of the mirror. My cock was very horny, and I found it big and nice. I inflated the balloons to big and hard and I decided to explode them different way: with a pin, to blow to pop, to stomp it... I pressed a big ballon to my very horny dick. I was beating my cock with the ballon until popping. I wanted to create the good feeling of previous day. I overlaid to balloon, I was humping on it...and came the thrill and previous day known ejaculation. Extatic feeling. More and more often I started to play with balloons (as sex toys) in the end jerk off, ejaculation. The ballon explosion and the ejaculation of sperm was the same experience.

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