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Default Re: [youtube] Ohhh man, if I had my own unit / apartment. :(......
Originally Posted by Big Thud Joe View Post
@over the top, thx for the suggestion, might give it a go one of these days, try it out first on some worn Q16s.

@Micks, good on you, yeah, I may look into getting some GL 700s to start off with. Another thing is the GL 1200s balloons are somewhat expensive, so if I buy them, really want to have the right conditions to prolong their initial new-ness (if there is such a word) as long as possible.
Where are you ordering them from? If you're in the US WeHeartBalloons seems to have the best prices on GL1200s, and in Europe there's a lot of options - Balloons United and Nordic Looners are both good.
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