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Melanie Balloon Blow to Pop Masturbation by Charlees Adventures studio

Melanie Hicks loves balloons. She has a couple 12 inch balloons she wants to play with today. She's in bed, naked, already rubbing her tight wet pussy. She grabs a pink balloon to start. Melanie blows long deep breaths into her balloon, inflating it by mouth while she masturbates. Her 12 inch balloon grows an enormous neck before it bursts into tiny pieces all around her. Melanie doesn't skip a beat. She continues rubbing her clit as she grabs a blue balloon. This balloon proves difficult as Melanie begins running out of breath as it begins to neck out. She lays back all the way, focusing not only on bringing herself to orgasm, but also on blowing to pop her second balloon. When it bursts, it rains down tiny pieces all over her beautiful naked body as she finishes herself off.

[image removed as per nudity policy]
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