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Hey there!

So I have already replied to the introduction thread but I thought I would make another one to explain a little more about myself.

So I live in Buckinghamshire in the UK (just outside London) and I have been into squeaky shiny things my whole life. I was actually a little reluctant to sign up to this forum initially, as I am primarily into vinyl inflatables (although I do love balloons too!!!) and blowing to pop actually doesn't do that much for me.. So I wasn't sure if I would fit in! But having lurked a bit, I can see I am absolutely in the right place, despite the name.

As a general rule I don't tend to pop my balloons, although I can appreciate it on some level in terms of it being quite fun to occasionally make a balloon burst, although the act of popping in itself does not really sexually excite me all that much. I also absolutely do not pop vinyl inflatables... Balloons are at least somewhat disposable whereas pool toys (especially good ones!) can be more expensive and in some cases even really hard to find. Plus if my toy pops, I can't play with it anymore! So it just seems a little like a waste to me, but I can understand why other people enjoy it.

For me, the biggest thing is the noise... I just love love LOVE the sound of squeaking creaking squealing groaning latex and vinyl! Just thinking about it sends shivers down my spine, and I love to ride and grind and rub my toys to squeak myself to a powerful orgasm on them! While bouncing is fun, the rubbing and grinding is what really works to give me actual sexual pleasure. Each squeak makes me shudder and I always have the most intense orgasms when playing with inflatables and balloons in that way.

I have a particular fondness for inflatables that are glossy, and the softer and stretchier the better. I love pressing my feet or hands into a toy, listening to the plastic squeak and watching how the light plays on the surface, or pressing my whole weight down into one and feeling it creak and groan and bulge beneath me and then slowly rub into it. The holy grail for me is to find toys that have been treated with all the nasty plasticizer chemicals that the authorities says are evil, because they make the toys so much more exciting for me... That sticky, squeaky, stretchy, rubbery vinyl is just the best thing ever!

It's great to find this forum at last, and thank you for having me! I might update this post with some more details later on.
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