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Default Re: Party City 24"???

Everyone has been talking about these Party City 24s which got me curious enough to stop at my local shop so i decided to take a ride out there. I was a bundle of nerves just from the sheer excitement! I go in & my head was whirling! I grabbed a basket & went to the balloon drawers & started going through all the stuff. I've purchased mylar balloons from Party City before but this was my first time trying their latex stuff. I had no clue what i was grabbing; I only made sure I was collecting even numbers for whatever reason
I cruised the aisles, grabbed a helium tank & proceeded to admire the balloon displays with the other customers who all happened to be women
Nothing abnormal here, just out shopping for balloons & stuff!
I went to the check out which was empty & the cute girl cashier came to ring me up. I dumped my mountain of stuff in front of her & she went through the contents. By now a line was forming as i helped her scan the helium tank. She then methodically went through all my things, counting each individual balloon while referring to her balloon guide on the register. My. Heart. Was. POUNDING! Not out of embarrassment or self consciousness but because I found the situation so HOT! I thought my insides were gonna blow!As she rang up my bubbles I could see the look & smile on her face as if to say, " Helium, bubbles & balloons? What does this guy have planned!" Im sure the other customers waiting on line were thinking the same,lol!
We bid each other good day with a couple of cheesy smiles & I left...all & all a wonderful experience. I can't wait to try all this stuff out!

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