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Depends on how loud it is. If it's very loud, it scares the $#*& out of me. If it's not super loud, I don't mind too much, even though I'm still too fearful to pop deliberately. It also depends if I'm been drinking - if I have some adult beverages in me I don't mind pops as much. Also, if I've been drinking I tend to be more... agressive... about inflating them. While I still don't deliberately B2P, if I've been drinking I'm bolder about pushing balloons to the max, so I'm more likely to get an accidental pop. When I'm sober I'm more timid and even accidental pops are rare. (Hence the username I've chosen.)

No emotional attachment here, so I don't feel bad about pops. As long as it didn't scare the living daylights out of me, I'm actually kind of pleased with myself afterwards, even though I was fearful of it happening right beforehand. Kind of like I get a "See? That wasn't so bad" feeling. Sometimes I think I want to be a popper but I'm still too fearful to do it deliberately. Also, although I don't deliberately B2P myself, I love watching B2P vids so maybe that's another thing pointing me in that direction.
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