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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 8 - By Cuteballoon84...

After this whole endeavour, I was quite up in the skies with my head. I felt relieved and excited by this experience. We walked back into the town centre and ordered a drink at bar. I was still staring at the balloons the whole time. I was amazed by the amount of balloons and how beautiful they looked.

We hung out with some friends in the corner of the bar exactly where one giant balloon was hanging from the ceiling. My friends started punching the balloon and it bounced back and forth the whole time. I loved the moment of other people interacting with the balloons and couldn't keep my eyes off really. I wondered if there more people that felt the same as me, that thought however made me feel very lonely as i could not talk about it with anyone else. I pondered on it for quite some time.

I knew Irene noticed something this evening, I was behaving to weird and she caught me a couple of time that I was just out right staring for minutes right at the balloons every time. She even asked me out right about that. I was answered quite arrogantly that I thought that the decorations they did for the party was amazing.

We wandered off after a while and saw two girlfriends of mine entertaining the kids in a room next to bar. They inflated multiple balloons and gave them to the kids to play with. One kid had a balloon shoved up under his shirt and was running around like that. We went in and talked to them and then they asked me if we could help them inflate some more balloons.....I literally wanted to sink through the ground. Ofcourse Irene answered : Sure np. I frowned and sighed. She asked me what's up babe ? I told her if we couldn't go do something else please, because I didn't want to inflate and play with balloons.

I knew in my mind if that was going to be case I potentially would cream my pants instantly. So I tried everything possible to get out of there. Well that was a no go, she even got a little frustrated with me. Sheesh cmon we sure can help them out for a little while can't we ? Or does it bother you so much the balloons ?

She looked at me kinda weird, I didn't know what to say really and just dropped the subject before she got really suspicious about it. They took out a box full of balloons all sorts and sized and an electric inflation device. I thought to myself that I would use the opportunity to stuff my pockets with some of these without anyone noticing.

We played with the kids for a while and inflated about 30-40 balloons, with the first going on the nozzle I felt a slight tinkle down there. I saw how it grew very fast between my hands. Nice big and round and so incredibly soft. I was sitting on the ground and tied the first one, putting it between my legs touching my crotch area and with my right foot I pressed it against my penis. Then I inflated more and put them all around me closely. So I could see them. Irene came up to me and said : "See that is fun your enjoying it aren't you?"

Only if she would have known the truth...... When no one was looking I pushed the a balloon between my legs a couple of times on crotch area. After the 10th balloon I was so aroused by it, that it took only a couple more pushes to make me cream my boxers completely.

After this happened, I sat there smiling and blushing. The girls came to gather the balloons and we finally made a move on. I deliberately put like 20 of the balloons out of the box in my right pocket, no one noticed. They thanked us and we left outside, she wanted to talk to me about something and then meet up with our friends afterwards, I agreed and was happy to leave. I felt when walking that my penis was sticking to my wet boxers and it wasn't a real pleasant feeling.

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