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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
The Life Of A "Looner" - Part 13 - By Cuteballoon84...

Sometime went by in High School and me and Irene were closer then ever. We even discussed things like being together for the rest of our lives at such an young age already. We were completely in love with each other and I got her outmost respect for handling situations that involved other girls hitting on me and even trying to get me by sexual interactions.

We had our first real sex around 15-16 and enjoyed it both a lot, that didn't obviously take away my insane desire for sexual interaction with balloons.
I was happy as my parents were away quite often, given me all the free space to do what I liked to do with balloons in my own house. Safe from being discovered. I had weekends were I wouldn't even come outside as my parents were away and I would just walk around in my pyjama's stuffed with balloons all day. I enjoyed that so much and would even sit like that on a Sunday and do my homework in them.

It sometimes was pretty distracting as I certain desires that needed to met, but it felt as my safe haven. Something that made me happy and feel safe. Plus I didn't hurt anyone with it it was just my own private thing, more and more I had the feeling. So what the hell if people know about it? I mean I am not doing anything wrong with what I like as a sexual desire, it is personal. I could understand now very well that people might find it weird and not agree with the way that I make myself happy. But I was getting over it and let my thoughts run freely and asked myself "What if people knew?" it would still be my personal thing. Sure people would be quick to judge but what if i was able to shut that all out and don't care. It were reckless and immature thoughts that i had. Never the less fantasizing was always great back then.

I was even contemplating of just telling Irene about it, we were so close that I felt I could share something like that now. I trusted her...still I didn't and let it go. Stuffing balloons in my clothes became one of my favorite things as well as inflating big balloons and sticking my penis through the nozzle and riding them from the top. I must say that I hurt my penis a couple of times with this as the balloon exploded under my weight going up and down. I always used some sort of lubrication even when stuffing balloons, It used to get tight down there so I was always being thoughtful about this sort of stuff.

The two of most daring things I did in this period, that was actually quite crazy now when I look back at it. For one I went to school with an very small inflated balloon in my boxers with my jeans over it. So the front of the jeans looked a little bit bulky, but nothing someone could notice. I enjoyed that it gave me a thrill and it made me feel nice down there all day long. Only did it once as an experiment. I actually wasn't uncomfortable once i just stopped caring somehow, which i found to be a big mistake afterwards honestly.

Second thing was that I went to soccer field one night with a 150cm balloon and several standard balloons. I waited until midnight then I got naked started inflating the normal balloons until I had 25 bound together in strings. I tied that to my upper body, then I inflated the 150cm balloon, which took me a very long time. While I was doing this I almost already blew my load and really had to think of something else before all the fun was already over.

I managed to get it inflated and shoved my penis into the nozzle. Then I took some standard balloons with strings and attached them on the back end of my penis. Securing the nozzle in to place and tied a couple strings from the front where the standard balloons where around my penis and balls to my back, so it would stay on. Then I picked up the big balloon and managed to get on top of it. This was by the way in the middle of the field and I started humping it up and down. The balloons were pressing against my body making a real hard squeaking noise, After a couple of mins I blew my load into the big balloon and decided to stay on it and hug it.

It felt so incredibly good, was fantastic. I did this because my parents were home that weekend. After laying there for 20mins, I made another round that only lasted very short before I came again and decided to come off it and untie myself. While I was busy doing this and all the strings were completely messy, the lights switched on in the clubhouse. So I knew the terrain master was there to check up on things as there was soccer in the morning, I had to play as well. I freaked out and quickly ran with all the balloons to my pants to get a small knife. I cut everything off safely and decided to let the balloons go, they blew off in to the bushes close by and I very quickly deflated my 150cm balloon behind one of the bench houses.

I got dressed and It put the balloon under my balls in my boxer, so I couldn't get caught with it when I came home. They checked me for drugs and stuff by that age. I managed to sneak out and go home, the next morning I went to the soccer field wondering if my balloons were still hanging in the bushes. I was quite early and went into the bar and there I saw them hanging in the corner, apparently the terrain master found them and put them in the clubhouse...Well I can say after the match I still enjoyed looking at them for a while. And actually thought this was kind of funny as ignorant as i was.

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