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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
After I was finished my mother said "Well son, I think I speak for us both as we have not experienced anything similar like this in our lives" "So we also do not have the answers to this situation, we were discussing getting you help some sort of therapy" "But I don't think that will make things any better" "You are the way you are son, you cannot change the way you are or how you feel just like that" "We cannot really approve this in our household, but we also realize that if we do not approve this or at least try to work with you on this we will lose you and you will do it out of this house"
"We are both very afraid anyone else will find out and you will be mocked through this village and the town"
All this time my dad was just staring at me, shaking his head, sometimes a smirk on his face and at the ending an sort of understanding and desperate look..things can quickly change from what you think is funny and what the person on the receiving end feels. This moment somehow made me more respectful to other people as well...(recapping this part)

"So we have decided that we will let you do whatever you do that makes you happy in your room and in your room only" "This means that YOU DO NOT and again YOU DO NOT do this anymore outside of this house, you can do it in your room and only when there will be no visitors coming by or your friends or Irene coming by" "Right now we want to go clean up your room deflate or pop the balloons that are laying there, get ready and go to Irene's party" "Also start using the lock on the door, so no one can walk in if your doing whatever your doing with your balloons"
Honestly i was suprised by this reaction from my parents but also only now understand the deep emotions and thought behind this decision from my parents and they actually were trying to protect me while letting me be the person that i truly was. Whether this was the correct way of approach i feel still is debatable for a young lad that i was back then.

She reached in this big closet behind her and pulled out three bags of balloons she must have confiscated over the years, we still had these you can have them I guess...she also gave me the balloons from my jeans and warned me to clean up nicely upstairs. I hugged my mom and she rubbed my hair, I snickered softly, my dad got up and put his hand on my shoulder. They told me they loved me regardless of this. I would have a conversation with my dad later about this, but that is for the next time as
well as Irene's Party.

(Sorry that this took so long, I couldn't decide whether I wanted to share this or not, this really is one of the toughest moments in my life regarding this and it is not over yet)

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