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Default Re: The best balloon fon non-poppers
Originally Posted by LoudPopper View Post
Quick but possibly interesting aside: I can't remember exactly where I put the thread, but it might be in the Popper's forum, but I've a couple of times in the past have tried (and unfortunately haven't yet succeeded) to create a "balloon encyclopedia" of all the brands and sizes. Once I find it, I'll insert the hyperlink. But anyways, dunno if you all would find it useful, but myself and another member gave very detailed reviews of a couple of types of balloons concerning, their sizing, thickness, durability to riding/sitting, tendency to accidentally pop, and loundness based on different methods of unintentional/intentional popping (i'm sure there were other categories). In the long-run, I have this kinda pipe-dream for the forum, where this site could also be the most comprehensive go-to reference for details about ALL the balloons out there. I just think it'd be really cool.
Is this the site you're thinking of?
I also did an attempt on making a thread for balloon reviews at some point:
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