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Default Re: Hello and welcome!
Hello everyone new here and sorry for loong absence here

Originally Posted by Caitlyn Andrea View Post
Anyway, My favorite pool toys are definitely the cute ride on's. ^_^ I actually Have 4 which i haven't blown up in a long time. And I even named them! Lol. I was just so obsessed with how cute and huggable they were.
Btw I have a Dolphin, Whale, Shark and Crocodile. All girls names too.
How are they named? :} And why girls names? It's forum for "weird" people and as long as it's part of your life (not the opposite way), don't worry

Originally Posted by Caitlyn Andrea View Post
I've read on other forums about how other semi-poppers debate naming balloons because it'll make us feel attacked but when we want to pop them it's more sad. :'( It's a win-win/lose-lose situation (i can explain if you dont know what i mean.)
I don't know what you mean, could you explain?

Originally Posted by Caitlyn Andrea View Post
I really want to talk about the emotions that you poppers feel when popping balloons, see/hear them popped or deflated. I will save that for a more specific thread though.
Nice idea
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