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Some LoonerMap.Com troubleshooting:

1) For those who have submitted a request but did not hear back: Check your junk mail folders. If nothing resubmit and double check that your email is typed correctly. If there was a typo in your original request then I was not able to reply to you.

2) For those who have been granted access but cannot access the map:
Check which account you are logged into google with in your web browser. You must be logged in with the same email address you provided when signing up. Most web browsers will automatically log you into google with an account, so try logging out and back in with the correct email then open the map link. If you would like me to change your email so you do not need to switch accounts please submit a change request on

3) I tend to do updates once or twice a week, so if it has been more then 7 days since you requested access, definitely resubmit and double check your information. Especially your email address.

4) If I receive a request with junk information or links to blank profiles I may not bother responding as if it is not worth your time, then it is not worth my time. This has probably only occurred 5-10 times out of the over 500 request I have received.

5) Best way to contact me for help is Facebook messenger at\LoonerLife. Second best way is

Hope this helps,
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