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Default Re: TT17 - certain colours bigger than others?
Originally Posted by Tfj181 View Post

I've noticed that certain colours of TT17s get significantly bigger than other colours, for example orange & magenta. Is anyone else getting this too? If so, what other colours do you find are get much bigger?
It would be interested to see if all the balloons had the same manufacturer date. My suspicion is that it is really more the date the balloons were made and maybe even how they were stored. I've had older tuftex 17" (and even Uniques) that got impossibly larger, closer to the size of an overinflated 24" balloon and I knew the latex was older. I think this aging process is similar to the effect of boiling balloons. When I was in college we did experiments with heat treating of metals and it would cause metals to become more ductile and stretch before failure.
So if you had three bags of balloons that were all made on about the same day in different colors would they are inflate to the same size/volume before bursting. Would be interesting to see what happens after 6 months, a year, two years if the balloons are all stored the same way.
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