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Ok lets run down through my experience

I have about 12 Walmarts within driving range, only ONE, has the 17 inch and 36 inch

The 17 inch are (sometimes two)three per package are around 1.95

The 36 inch are one a package for about the same price..

Balloons are made by BSA, while i have heard that they are made by Tuftex (Maple City Rubber) i don'd believe so,

1. Tuftex are much much softer

2. Tuftex have a much different smell

BSA's are much more professional loons meant for car dealerships, to withstand the elements and are a much more robust balloon. The latex has to be thicker, but comes with a caveat

Since the latex is thicker its a bit more difficult to neck and over inflate (after repeated inflation's its possible) Even after stretching the balloon may become too weak and pop

Still i have tried them and they are fun, and they sell out at the Walmart i have been going to, it seems everyone there loves big balloons

So how may you find it at your local Walmart?

Its more of a hit and miss ill explain

While the typical Walmart party section has three aisles with the standard 12 inch loons.

The one with the 36 inch loons have a more expanded gift/party sections look for at least 4-5 aisles, and the balloons will not be group together with the standard cheap 12's they will sometimes be in a section with themed part items, such as Baby Shower/Frozen/Spiderman, and will be mixed in.

Fun facts-They also sell 15 inch Mickey Mouse ear loons (just like the ones from disney but only black) made by.... Pioneer Worldwide (The company that owns Qualatex).
Most of the 12 inch loons from walmart are Party Mate/ Blue Bird (budget brands from Pioneer National Latex Corp)
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