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Default Big air mattress, bigger people
I brought my swimline double air mattress to the pool yesterday. One of those things with lots of cup holders. It doesn't float as much weight as you might think, so I had it overinflated a bit. It holds me okay, and I was hoping my partner would join me. Together we weigh about 1000 pounds, and I was pretty sure it wouldn't hold us both, but I had to find out.

Also there was someone even larger than my partner. She expressed surprise that the air mattress held me, though she's seen me on pool floats before. I told her I bet it would hold us both. She laughed. Not sure if it was because she and I had popped a smaller air mattress before, sitting on it outside the pool, or if she thought we'd pop this one. I asked her if she wanted it to herself, and she said she would give it a try.

Upper body strength. Get some, sheesh! There was no way she was getting on that thing. Not even with help. Not by standing on the stairs and sitting on the air mattress as I held it. No way she was going to stay on the thing. I got the top half of me on it and tried to pull her aboard. Asked permission to grab ahold of her by more than her arms, tried pulling by her armpits, her bathing suit, her legs. She pulled on me, too. I'm freaking strong, but this was beyond me It felt like she was heavier than me, but I doubt she is. I must find out how much she weighs!

I failed to get her on the air mattress, but I did manage to get most of our combined weight on it at least for short times. It pretty much sunk, but it survived. I wanted to get her to sit on it outside the pool, and join her on it, but the opportunity didn't present itself. Or I chickened out. Maybe tonight.

My partner isn't as heavy as she is, but she's got the upper body strength to get on an air mattress, so I'm still hopeful to get us both on it this weekend. This is the first time we've had a mattress big enough to fit us both, in a pool and not just on the floor, but I don't think it will float us both. I'll be a little disappointed if it does
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