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Default Re: Does it make you nervous when someone unties an inflated balloon?
Originally Posted by Blue548 View Post
Hi all,

I'm a popper myself but would be interested to hear from non-poppers. Do you ever get nervous in a public place if someone gets a inflated balloon and starts playing with the knot? I can imagine this can be horrible as you may think someone will untie it and inflate it to a larger size, possibly popping it unintentionally or intentionally.

What would be your reaction as you heard the first woosh of air? I'm asking this as although I'm a popper, people should respect other people, as being a previous phobic myself the experience described above can be like torture wondering if the person will manage to untie the balloon.
This is almost always someone trying to inhale helium to talk funny, or getting rid of a balloon they are too scared to pop, even with a pin.
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