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Default Re: Does size matter
I'm a semi-popper, but I like different sizes for different reasons. I'm not a fan of 9" or 5" balloons because they are too tight and hard to inflate, not to mention extremely small. I go for a "regulation" 11" or 12" balloon, not really brand partial. Those are good for a quick blow-to-pop, stuffing inside clothing, I can get 7 or 8 and have a good time.

I realize that this is the non-popper forum. Although I prefer to do blow-to-pops with "mid size" balloons like the Tuf-Tex 17, they are great for riding too. My favorite for riding are the 36" balloons made by Amscan at Party City and the 36" Way To Celebrate balloons at Wal*Mart. They take a lot of abuse and still hold up. Some folks on here have inflated them to over 45-48"!
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