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Default Re: Does size matter
The TT24 is a totally different balloon from the Qtex 24. I like the Tuftex 24 but it's definitely no Qualatex 24. The Qtex 24's were almost made with looners in mind. They neck beautifully, take a lot of riding and abuse and for the poppers they sound like a cannon when BTP'd (so I'm told).
The TT24's have a nice shape when blown up, and a decent neck can be coaxed out of them. I have them in my helium bunches all the time. They definitely don't get as big as the Qtex 24's and they neck nowhere near as nice, imho, but they're a nice balloon for filling with helium or just filling with air and having around. In my experience they take a lot of abuse but they are prone to defects.
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