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Default Re: Manhandling helium balloons
Being a kilt wearer I can get quite hard if I just blow a balloon up to its limit and then put it between my own knees to tie it. If I see a girl or a woman, as I have done, blow up helium balloons and then put them between their knees to tie the balloon then the ribbon onto them it does make me go crazy.
I love seeing girls and women blowing up balloons but its always the bit after the balloon is at its tightest and biggest I like. The way they struggle to tie the knot. The screeching of the latex as they pull the neck to get a bit to tie and the way they hold the finished item either in their hands or between their knees. I particlularly like to see a girl blow one up and put it under her arm against her boobs while she ties it. mmmm lovely
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