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Default Re: Advertisement balloons
Hey, i regularly go out (every fortnight) and 'save' balloons from car dealerships and other places. Saturday seems to be the best day for it over here in Australia. But since I work nearly every Saturday, i venture out at night. But on the odd occasion when i do get out during the day, it tends to be a little more successful. They normally take them down and destroy them at the end of the day, so i try to aim to get there 20 minutes before they close and pack up. I just wander around, checking out the cars and when someone approaches me, I chat then end up asking if I can take some home. They are more than happy to give them away. I never hit the same place frequently. (Hoping they forget my face, so i dont become That Balloon Guy)

Ive always wondered if anyone else does this. Or am I the only one?
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