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Default What do balloon manufacturers think of looners?
I can't help but feel that higher-ups at most balloon companies have heard of looners before due to their line of work, so what do they think of the community? We know this is the case with Cattex, which isn't disgusted by the fetish and even caters to looners with the longnecks, but what about other manufacturers? Since I can count on one hand the situations in which I've seen inflated balloons bigger than 12" that weren't mine, I think that looners might make up quite a large proportion of the orders for oversized balloons. Nevertheless, when the Qualatex 24 was discontinued, I had the sneaking suspicion that perhaps production wasn't unprofitable overall, but that the company knew you were more likely to find them in porn studios than at birthday parties, and (understandably) didn't want to be known as a sex toy manufacturer. How true are my claims?

In addition, where do all of the balloons with racy looner prints on them come from? Do enthusiasts buy blank balloons and print them with their own equipment or do the balloon manufacturers not care about what they get asked to print? I recall hearing about some person getting a print request turned down by a company on that basis, but I don't know any more context or which company it was.
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