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Default Re: Advertisement balloons
In a previous thread I mentioned that I contacted several balloon printing companies and inquired about buying their misprints that they have to throw away anyway. I was denied by all 3 companies.
Liability is the reason why.
The balloon printing companies don't want to be held responsible if the printed balloons with a client's logo or name are misused.
If a picture of a dead dolphin choked by a balloon appears in the media the company that's logo is on the balloon is going to be the villain. The printing company wants no part of that liability.
For example, if XYZ Printing Company sells an individual a bunch of misprinted McDonalds balloons and one of those balloons appears in the media choking a seal, and that picture goes viral and McDonalds gets a bunch of bad press, McDonalds can sue the printing company for releasing balloons to an unauthorized individual with their corporate logo and name without their written permission if they can prove that the balloon was sold by the company to that individual.
Maybe the Legal Eagles on the forum could chime in. I'm just saying what I was told and it does kind of make sense.
I actually spoke to a salesman at one of the 3 printing companies I contacted and this is exactly what he told me.
We live in a world dominated by rules because someone, at some time, got sued for something and nobody wants to be held liable.
The crazy thing is, the printing companies don't just throw the misprinted balloons away. They destroy them. When I asked the salesman I talked to what they actually did with the misprints he told me they have a special shredder that literally shreds the balloons into tiny shards before disposal.

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