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Default Afraid to be discovery
Let me illustrate the point:

Three years ago I prepared a little party in my house for my boyfriend’s birthday, of course i put some balloons as decoration ;-).

When we were preparing the party my boyfriend and a friend of me who came to help me, encouraged me to inflate a 72” climb-in balloon (i had told them about my new items months before), i really hesitated to do it, I tried to find an excuse to not do it “what people going to think about it? why it is a huge balloon in the living room?” but they told me “just inflate it and let see what people do with it”, it looks exiting. I agreed with them took a new climb-in balloon from my stash and inflated it, not at maximum but like 60”.

I was so nervous about the giant balloon resting in the middle of the living room, but also liked to see it :-).

When people started to arrived to the party they didn’t said anything about the balloon instantly, but minutes later some started to ask, what the fuck with that giant balloon what it is for?. I had prepared a little speech about it, it was something like “we were for some balloons to the shop and found it there, we thought that will be funny to have it in the party, it is a balloon used for clowns”, of course that was not the real story, i bought the balloon months before the party in Kaboom Balloon shop.

But, in time, people started to play with the huge balloon, they hugging it or smash it over other people sitting on the sofa, throw it each other and they made it bounce against the ceiling and the walls, sort of funny stuff, they loved it, some asked me where to find it, of course i lied again haha.
It was funny to see grown up people with such huge balloon, they were having such a funny moment, some wanted to climb-in but when they see the size of the neck gave up the idea. I was amazed.

The conclusion of this experiment was that i was more afraid for someone to start to make questions and realise that i am a looner (some already knew and they kept the secret), but for "normal" people balloons are just fun. It is me who some times overthink about the context of balloons. Well, after all, for looners like me balloons are fun, lovely and more!

PS: hope i was clear, my english is not so good yet.

Kind Regards!
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