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Default Re: LoonQuest 2 (new game)
My main thought for an alternate take on this game would be setting up character traits at the beginning. You could have, say, 5 character profiles to choose from: lustful popper, slight phobic but curious, extreme phobic, "more interested in Meg sexually than in her balloons," or a generic woman that is midway between all of these. And each character would have certain traits that could be enhanced (or lost, perhaps) over time: A bullying meter, a mischief meter, an empathy meter, a horny meter, a "loud bang tolerance" meter and a fear meter. Maybe the phobics have shoes that can run really fast away from a bang, or maybe ear plugs with a certain amount of noise resistance until or unless they get worn down to being useless. Maybe some characters have the ability to tell the player to turn the volume up one notch on his/her computer, upon completion of a task. Maybe the lustful popper has a certain kind of pump. Or maybe if the mischief meter on a character gets high enough, she is able to "hide" the earplugs of all characters around her, or lock the door to trap victims.

Example: Your character (Kim) is an extreme phobic. She will gain health points the longer she is able to avoid a bang, and lose them when she can't. Her sneakers have 4 uses in them, but can be replenished if she completes a certain quest, though the quest will be dangerously full of balloon traps. Her bullying meter is 20/100, since she doesn't want to bully other NPC's, but if it is the difference between her getting the brunt of a bang and another character in her place, she'll take that option. She does get horny for Meg, but will always encourage Meg to kiss her rather than scare her. Her "bang tolerance" is 15/100, since even quiet balloons popping are frightening, but if she builds up enough tolerance, this number could rise (or if she gets scared enough, it could fall). Kim has the ability to put in ear plugs, though they cost her. She can also ask for more "about-to-pop" warnings during games. she also has a hose in order to blow to pop from across the room when she is too scared.


Your character ("Heather") is a lustful popper. Her meters will rise based upon her blow-to-pop count and her ability to scare others. Her bullying meter starts at 75/100 and can increase if she completes certain side quests. Her empathy meter starts at 20/100, but she'd like to get that down to 0 to be an even more effective sadist. She likes Meg, but only as a partner in crime scaring the phobic. Heather can make balloons exceed their rated size by more puffs, so that the bang is louder and scarier. She is better at lying to scared NPC's about her intentions, with 3 extra "deception crystals" in her purse. If a scared character tries to run, Heather will run after her, gaining points both for re-trapping the character, but also for increasing the trauma of the eventual bang.

Side quests, in this case, would be aimed at enhancing your character, and choosing the right (or wrong) intended line of dialogue could also affect their scores. Will your character just be straight ahead in her lust for the bang, or will she bait-and-switch her way to it, or will she just sit silently while others are doing what she secretly wants? Each strategy could result in a payoff of meter changes and new items and even new exclusive locations. And/or your character could "gamble" some of her stats on those mini-games (like the blindfold "tell me when to stop" game). And if your overall score reaches a certain level by the end of the day (suitable enough avoidance for phobics, or suitable enough sexual stimuli for the "likes Meg more than balloons" character, or suitable enough destruction of others for the bully character), then you get the Certified Bully / Phobic / Well-Adjusted Normal Woman badge at the end. If you don't reach the thresholds, you are sent back to try again.

I don't know about technical capabilities of making any of this work. It is just that when I saw you tell people that three different endings are available (for Chapter 2), but most of the rest of the adventure is locked into the exact same story, it made me wonder if it was better for your character to actually gain or lose points based upon her choices. And whether there is a way to enhance the experience beyond just the same array of balloon-breathing anticipations.

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