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Hey all,

I think I may win the prize for the weirdest / grossest other fetish that is also probably one of the most unrelated to balloons and inflatables, although I guess technically they both involve gas...

Farting - yep, you read that right. I love it when girls fart. Always been into a woman's butt and her butt hole, so maybe it started from there. Pun intended! I am not at all into poop though.

Hard to find similarities with my balloon fetish, but I'd say one common theme is girls aren't "supposed" to fart (not that I believe that), so seeing one frequently doing it and even enjoying it is a huge turn-on. Kind of like that most girls don't typically get such enjoyment out of destroying a collection beautiful balloons, so when you see a girl so enthusiastically popping balloons for her own enjoyment is a turn-on.

There.... hoping not to receive too negative a judgement. After all, we all have unusual interests on here.
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