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Default Re: Dear Penthouse...FML
Originally Posted by drumrd View Post
Why did you add this in your post? I don't see a lot of reactions in this post from ''men'' giving this advice.. just the opposite. in this context your reaction doesn't make any sense.
I added it, because I felt it was necessary. Too many people, predominantly men, (though not all men), tend to think more with their dicks than their brains, when the opportunity of sex arises. I see too many posts in this and other balloon fetish forums, from men who ask for advice on how to approach women, or form a relationship with them, and most men tend to only consider the scenario from their own, masculine point of view. Rightly or wrongly, that's the way of the world. I am simply trying to reducate people into considering things from the opposite point-of-view. If you don't like that, then so be it. Many men want sex, and seek it out. Sadly, that desire for sex tends to lead them to do dumb things, like the story written about, in the original post. All I am saying, is that there are safer ways, that won't get you into as much trouble, than doing what the man in the original post did. That's a cautionary tale, that everyone should heed. Or, go right ahead, and do what you like, and then don't deal with the consequences thereafter, if that's how you prefer to live. Some of us, however, prefer to be more careful about our interactions with people when it comes to sex, romance, and/or love.

Originally Posted by drumrd View Post
I advice you to reread your last posts today. Calm down a little... 3 of the 5 derives about the message "don't do that". Life is sometimes about taking risks.. learn from mistakes.. or to seek thrills.. otherwise life would be quite boring. You have to understand not all men are stupid assholes and a lot do think..
I don't claim that "all men are stupid assholes" - your words not mine. I've simply said that many men don't think about scenarios from anything other than their own point of view, because they don't think about consequences, or they pretend that the consequences won't ever happen to them, but only "stupid assholes". I'm saddened to say, dumb things happen to dumb people all of the time. If people don't consider all of the potential consequences of a scenario, before they do go ahead and do something, then more fool them. Whether you accept that or not, is entirely up to you. I'm not forcing you either way.

Originally Posted by drumrd View Post
I strongly advice you to reflect on this. As being a teacher i can say that your current way of teaching people is not being effective. It annoys.
Ummm, with all due respect, I don't need to reflect on anything, thanks! I've lived and learnt, and I'm not trying to teach anyone. I'm merely offering an alternative point-of-view, for people to think about or consider. People can accept it, or reject it, as they deem fit. I am purely offering up information. What people do with that information, is up to them - including completely ignoring every bit of it, if they so wish to do.

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