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Default Re: Introducing Natalie part 2 (Done)
I really liked this story. I love when women are fearless in popping balloons and love blow to pop balloons just for fun. Especially with the excuse of party decorations they can't resist themselves to do that.

If possible please continue it. I would really like read it's next part.

I read all your stories available on this forum and they're all awesome.

I especially loved the Chapter I - from phobia to philia and chapter 2 as well.

If possible please write more such stories.

I love stories that describe mouth balloon blowing. Details like

Valva is wet from girl's Saliva and it pops into wet pieces with a huge loud band with you can clearly see the shower of Saliva sprinkle 💦💦💦 in the air as the balloon explodes into pieces.

When you includes scenes like this in your stories they become really hot to read.
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