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Well, new-ish. I have a second part to this one too.

Today was a long day for Katie.

Classes were tough this time of year, her friends decided to all be flaky today, and to top it off her package that she was expecting didn't come in. She must have looked at the tracking information on her iPhone at least 20 times throughout the day, eager with anticipation to receive the coveted package.

Katie opened the door of her studio apartment and collapsed on the couch the second the door closed. She was worn out, and with Christmas approaching it wasn't going to get any easier between now and then. Her classes, while doing well in all of them, were grinding and she was struggling to finish the semester well. Her ex-boyfriend had tried to reach out to her recently too, and while she wasn't fully over him just yet she knew that she couldn't respond to him. Katie had made plans with some friends after they got out of classes and nearly everyone cancelled because they were heading to a study group or something else.

"Ugh, why didn't it come!" Katie shouted to no one in particular and she tried to vent her frustration that had been building over the course of several weeks. The package in question was to help Katie unwind and she had hoped after all the stresses of the week, that she would be able to tear open the package once she got home. Now all she had was a headache. Her cat, Thomas, meowed from across the room as he circled his empty food dish.

"Check that, now I all have is a headache AND a needy cat!"

Sighing and dragging herself off the couch, she went to remedy Thomas's food situation. She found his special diet food and began to pour the food into the dish, with Thomas looking at the food and then looking back her her. Katie knew that Thomas hated the special diet food, but needed to lose some weight desperately. Katie was tempted to just go back to regular cat food because the special cat food was twice as expensive her the normal cat food, but she wanted a healthy and happy cat a little more. Without a boyfriend or any prospects in her life, she justified her spending more on cat food because she didn't need to buy new clothes to attract any guys.

As she was pouring her food, a knock at the door startled Katie causing to drop the heavy bag of food into Thomas's dish. Adrenaline flowing, Katie sprinted to the door and nearly forgot to open door in her haste. Once she open the door, she was greeted by a large USPS box and a mailman walking to the adjacent apartment building. Katie yelled "thank you!" and slammed the door shut. She fumbled the package twice before deciding to rip apart the box containing her precious cargo.

"Yes! They are finally here!" Katie exclaimed as the package's contents fell to the couch below. Katie felt her hair begin to stand up on the back of her heck as she gazed upon the contents, and quickly found what she was looking for.

"Finally!" She sighed loudly and gathered the package's contents and headed back to her room. Katie threw the box on the bed, with its contents spreading out across the queen sized bed. Katie jumped on the bed and grasped her treasure, laughing at how excited she was to receive balloons in the mail.

Within an hour, Katie had inflated many balloons of all sizes in her room with an old shop-vac she found at a garage sale this past summer. She cleaned it very well and never used it for cleaning after that, only using the "blow" function on the shop-vac to quickly inflate her balloons. Katie finished inflating a 36" Tuftex balloon, gave it a quick kiss and threw it toward her bed to join the growing cloud of latex sphere currently populating her bedroom.

Katie found another package of balloons that was much smaller than the other packages of giant balloons, this package was full of 17" Tuftex balloons and were reserved for a special purpose. Katie torn open the bag of balloons, causing a few to fall to the floor below. She grabbed a red balloon and started blowing it up. With 4 puffs though, she tied the balloon off and quickly unbuttoned her pants. Katie slid her pants and panties down her toned legs and stepped out of them. She placed her panties in the laundry basket next to her dresser and began putting the pants back on. She slid the pants just above her knees and then placed the balloon on top of her crotch. She slid the pants back on fully, trapping the balloon in its current position over her most sensitive area. Katie struggled to fasten the button but gave a yelp of pleasure when she finally did button her pants.

Katie carefully sat down on her wooden chair at her computer desk, reveling in the pleasure the balloon was giving her. She woke her computer up from sleeping and began typing away at the keyboard, anxious to finish her current balloon fetish story. Katie smiled and threw her head back as she gently rocked back and forth against the balloon in her pant, loving how the latex felt down there and pressure it created. She loved getting first hand experiences to help fill out her stories, to paint a picture of the pleasure that balloons could bring someone. She began picking up her pace and she started moaning at the feelings coursing through her crotch and throughout her lithe body. She could feel the balloon begin to get slicker and her thighs clamped down on the small, red balloon stuffed in her pants. As her arousal continued to build, she thought about all the other balloons in her room and was suddenly very thankful that her friends had flaked. Katie was getting closer to reached her climax and began bouncing slightly against the balloon, cupping her supple breasts with both hands. A few minutes of this and Sarah began moaning loudly, feeling as though a bomb about to go off in her pants.

Grinding furiously, she pulled her t-shirt over her head and squeezed her sizable breasts as she finally tensed up and feel her mind blank slight as her orgasm began to take over. Katie continued her pace, her small hands clamped to her bra-covered breasts and finally released all those pent-up frustrations and stresses. After several minutes of slowly riding the balloon in her pants, Katie stood from the chair; her knees weak and feeling like jello. She walked as best she could with the invading balloon hugging her crotch that made her waddle a bit, to her queen sized bed. Katie collapsed onto the bed, sending giant balloons up into the air. Katie involuntarily moaned and humped the balloon one last time, as the giant balloons settled on top of her forming a balloon cocoon around the young beauty.

Out in the kitchen, Thomas still looked at the bag of food in his bowl with confusion. Meowing, he walked toward the open door and with claws draw leaped onto the colorful mound of balloons.
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