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The poor balloon critter groaned as he rocked away, this relentless human trapping the stubborn fellow in his clutches. He nibbled at the tip of his beak as he leaned forward, yanking on it in his jaws now as he held fast around the rubber thing. The material stretched between his lips, showing decent give at first, but the more he tugged the more violent the squeaky sounds of protest became. Orz snickered and bounced on his ride still as he gripped that beak in his teeth, the poor toy's eyes growing wide as he struggled to somehow escape this torturous treatment! However, the weight bearing down atop him was proving too much for him to truly resist, the energetic human driving himself down again and again into the unlucky toy below.

He kept his arms locked around the balloon creature, moving them from his wings up towards his neck and compressing as close as possible! The balloon gyphon thrashed about, wings beating at a furious pace once more as his body shook fiercely about! But Orz kept hold of the insolent critter, riding him even as he resisted and squooshing him beneath his form! There was no way he was going to let some silly balloon best him!

Thrusting his hips into the helpless rubber thing, he watched as the gryphon's eyes widened, listening to him screech out in protest, his claws digging into the ground below as he wiggled about in the persistent human's clutches. His tail swatted behind him, the creature bouncing in place, trying to buck his rider off! But alas, Orz just could not be beaten by even the most stubborn of balloons, ramming his length down into the toy amidst this protest and indenting his rubber hide. He could feel it pressing down against the ground below, wobbling beneath his rider all the while.

He nibbled on the creature's ears as he laid out across him, biting down firmly into those rubber shapes, the creature wincing. His thighs pressed firmly into the gryphon's sides, rubbing them back and forth against his squeaky material. Rear bouncing with greater force atop his ride as he rested atop, he introduced more duress to the poor latex thing, its skin rumbling away as the mythical critter's resistance fell. Orz smirked and humped down deep, keeping it snatched up in his arms to ensure it wasn't going anywhere! "Yes, buuuuuurst for me! Be a good balloon!"

Orzel huffed as he drove his length down into the backside of his balloon beast, a huge sneer forming across his face as he clasped around it. The gryphon creaked and screeched out in resistance, refusing to let the human win without a fight! The frisky fellow rammed himself deeper down into that taut skin, moaning as he squeezed every ounce of pleasure he could from the silly toy. The rubber being groaned still as he was put through his paces, eyes shut tight! Some of the persistent human's juices leaked out of his tight balloon rear, dropping down along the back of his balloon thighs.

He huffed and thrusted down deep into his latex toy below, clasping around his captive's squeaky waist as he leaked out onto the rubber bird. His hips rocked back and forth atop the squeaky fellow, skin creaking aloud as he rode. Thighs pressing as far into that shape as they could, he drove himself in again and again, gnawing on the toy's rubber cheek as he pushed him all the more!

Finally with a few hard thrusts Orz got his wish, his cock coating the bird with his fluids! He watched as they trickled down the squeaky sides of his straining ride, licking his lips with satisfaction as he pushed him all the more with his thrusting. Not to be outdone the gryphon soon after exploded with a sharp screech and a sharper bang, Orzel’s remaining spunk spraying out into the air as he fell back to the floor. The human sprawled out with a grin as he laid there amongst these rubber pieces, sighing with satisfaction. "Yesssssssss... good birdie it was." he said as he looked over the remains of his latex prize. "But now I think it is time for some rest. Tired Orzie, it is."

And with that he stifled a small yawn before climbing into a nearby bed, not bothering to put his clothes back on as he lay spread-eagle across the mattress below. He relaxed as he looked over his handiwork nearby. A huge grin grew upon his face. Those poor balloons had never stood a chance. But then again, when had they ever against him?

Head resting atop the pillow beneath him, he curled up atop his cozy mattress, stretching his legs out as he pulled his bed’s warm covers over his body. Rolling from side to side as he cozied up beneath his comforter, Orz couldn't help but think about those poor toys he had obliterated oh so well, the way their rubber shredded against his bare skin; the way they had sounded off with such a shrill, satisfying song; the way their air rushed out and blew against his bare body, all in a single instant.

He glanced towards that box of his playthings, a playful gleam in his eye. "Enough bursting for now... I'll deal with the rest next time." he said with a smirk. With that he shut his eyes tight as he looked back upon these recent memories. No doubt his dreams would bring even more reminder of his recent fun. And he couldn't wait to. Hopefully next time around though they would prove just as enjoyable... if not more so.
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