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Default Re: The Life Of A Looner by CuteBalloon84
I must have laid like that for at least ten minutes, when I checked my watch it said 22:10. I had to go soon. I turned on back holding the balloons on top of me. Watching the stars and the moon, that was my only light and that night they shined very bright. I could see everything. When i turned on my back I immediately noticed that my penis was wet. I was like what is this now. It was sticky and I tried to wipe it off on a balloon. Rather unsuccesful.

I know for sure I didnt cum that time, but it sure was cum coming out of my little manhood. It was soaked with it, so was the balloon I was lying on earlier. I took my undershirt and rubbed it off, which gave me an awesome feeling. I threw the undershirt away, pulled down the balloons on top of me and hugged them. I had two near my face, which I smelled very deeply and pushed against my face. I got afraid to be honest after that and felt I had to leave very quick.

It was quite frightening to be in those woods at night all in the dark and alone at that age. i couldn't pop the balloons, so i decided to tie them to a tree at that spot. I took a small one off ,I put my underpants back on an pushed the balloon in. I didnt fit quite whell and my whole underpants were stretched to the limit. The balloon came out in my leg openings a little a bit and the rest came out on top of my underpants. I was wearing sweat pants, which I easily pulled over it.

Now i took the string off the pants and tied it very well, hoping the bulge would be less. Which wasnt the case at all. I got dressed completely and i was a bit hard to get my shoes back on with that balloon in my pants. When i started to walk back I noticed that it felt very nice having a balloon in that position in my pants. The only thing was I was walking funny, like a man with a huge belly.

I turned around and saw the balloons dance in the light on the tree. It was a shame that I had to leave they were so beautiful. I walked back home. Just before I came home I popped the balloon in my pants with my key. Which hurt me of course and I had the tears in my eyes. I grabbed the peaces out of my underpants and got rid of them in the bushes near my house.

When I came home ,my father was still awake. He opened the door for me, I was looking very nervously. Why are you coming home so late son? It's almost 23:00? I reacted a little bit shocked? "Is it that late already?" "I'm sorry Irene got sick, i'm coming to sleep at home" It's ok he said and laughed at me and let me in. Hold it right there!! He said, come here. I looked at him surprised,shocked and afraid. "What's that on your pants and jacket?" he asked me. I looked now and saw that my whole back was covered in green smudges and little pieces of grass.

Oh nothing dad, We were lying on the grass this afternoon (I came up with rather quick) Oh ok, now go to bed quickly before your mother finds out. Off you go..! Gnite dad I said and walked up the stairs feeling happy. Got into bed and immediately felt asleep. I dreamed of the event and woke up with a wet spot in my underpants.

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