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Default How I became a Male Looner Part 2 (True story)
It was a cold Saturday night. It was 7:34 pm. I am at home preparing myself for the party. I heard a phone ringing on my desk, I picked up the phone, it was Roy with a happy tone. "Hey what's up, I am preparing for the looner party", I can hear him inflating a balloon from an electric balloon pump in the background and tying the mouthpiece with his fingers. " If you want to come early and help me with the balloons I would appreciate it". I said, " Sure I will come to your house in about 15 mins". His house was three blocks down the road, around the corner. He lives in a townhouse. His parents were on a trip to California. It was his opportunity to plan a looner party. He said, "Oh thank you I will leave the front door unlocked for you". I said," okay see ya". We both hung up the phone.

It was 7:40 pm, I told my parents I will be helping my friend to prepare the party at his house and won't be home around 1:00 in the morning. I walked out the house ,walked three blocks down ,around the corner to his house. His house looks dark, but I see a speck on light in his living room covered in dark orange curtains. He use those curtains to prevent curious people outside walking by the house. We don't want to make a scene in our shadowy figure.
As a gentleman, I knocked on the door first. I hear him say "come in". I walked in and closed the door behind me, followed the noise of an electric balloon pump. He was in the living room using his two portable two nozzles electric balloon pumps inflating around latex balloon. The living room was filled with different type of balloons scattered on the floor, big ,medium, long and small balloons. There was small balloons on each corner square ceiling for decoration. Roy turned around looked up at me with a smile and sat up to hug me and we both let go. "You made it welcome. There is water ,organic fruit juice ,beer ,wine ,chips, paper plate, napkins, and utensils on the table.

Also you can watch TV if you like. The bathroom is upstairs, turn left ,down the hall. Feel free". I said, "Thank you". I went to the table and grab a bottle of Poland spring water and grab a hand full of Utz ripples( my favorite) in my plate, walked, and sat on his long blue inflatable couch. It was so wobbly I lost balance, nearly spilled my chips on a plate. I looked around amazed beautiful his parents living room. Above me were medium balloon look like pink jelly beans. I watched Roy carefully put the mouthpiece of Quad-latex bubble balloon on the nozzle pump and turn it on to inflate it. BANG – quite unexpectedly a big balloon popped behind me, for absolutely no reason it seemed – it just popped. I almost jumped out of his skin and Roy turned around to see me terrified. I looked away embarrassed. Roy finished inflating the balloon and tied it, sat next to me on the inflatable couch. "Are you OK?” asked Roy with genuine concern for me but also intrigued by the reaction. “

"Um” I replied, taking rather too long to respond at all. “Actually, not
really” I continued. “Balloons, well……” “Well what?” said Roy. “Well… Look, Roy, we’ve been friends for a long time – promise you won’t laugh?” I said slowly and in a very shaky voice. “Of course I promise,” Roy replied – trying to conceal his excitement and hope, but also trying to sound concerned and reassuring. Roy wanted to know the whole truth now. “It’s like this” I started. “I used to be really afraid of balloons - and that one popping unexpectedly made me jump – as you know! I couldn’t even go to friends’ parties as a child but forced to go anyways – in case they had balloons.” Roy remembered his own childhood – exactly the same problem had beset him. Roy had no real friends from his childhood – he simply hardly ever socialized with them at parties for fear of being panicked, or worse still, being forced to play balloon games. “But now…..” I paused. Obviously wary of what I was going to say next. My skin flushed a bit – but I had to go on, I had to tell to Roy. “ I think I have a balloon fetish”. Roy smiled and I was sure he was going to laugh and embarrass me. Roy’s smile grew but still, he said nothing in reply – I was getting really worried now. “You won’t believe this” Roy said with confidence in his voice, “but I definitely do. I thought I was the only one”. Silence. We both looked away, both had so many thoughts running through our heads that we both were almost paralyzed and couldn’t speak.

After what seemed like hours, but in reality was probably only a few seconds I felt obliged to say something. “Really? I thought I was the only one. Promise you aren’t just saying that. When did you know? What do you like? Are you a popper or a non-popper?” I stopped – realizing I was probably said too much, given too much away. Roy looked reassuringly at me – real, genuine, understanding in my face and then related his life’s off-on relationship with balloons to me. I sat silently – overcome by how Roy's’ story mirrored his own, marveling at how much I and he shared but had managed until tonight to keep from us. “Let me tell you about me,” Roy said, “and then you can do the same”. “I used to hate balloons, I hated the unpredictability and the bang – in fact, I would run a mile to get away from balloons in public or even in private. I’ve no idea how that changed – but now seeing balloons, blowing up balloons, and popping balloons makes me very excited”. Roy paused to look at me and saw a look of complete understanding in my eyes. I said,“As I said, I used to
think I was the only one who could possibly feel like this – but Google is
a wonderful thing!” “Ah – so that’s why you asked me about being a popper or non-popper” Roy interrupted, “I thought that gave the game away a bit. I was pretty much the same, and yes I’m a popper and nonpopper now – in fact blowing balloons up until they pop and humping, squeezing,bouncing on them is my absolute favorite.” “Really?” I replied. "Me too – although I get a bit afraid too. What’s the biggest you’ve blown up until it pops and humping on then?” Roy said, “Oh anything – I love those qua-latex 24 inches – what about you?”

“Oh I’m a wimp in comparison, so,” I said, realizing I was in the presence of a master. “I’ve always wanted to do a Q24 – but never managed it. I can do the Q16s OK though – although they make my heart race…” “Isn’t that the point?” Roy said, smiling. “I like to get the excitement, and I guess the fear and the excitement are linked. And then the rush when I succeed. Roy said, Tell me what you like about blowing to pop and humping balloons then?” I said,“I like the anticipation, I like the unpredictability, I like the fact the balloon is getting tighter and tighter and bigger and bigger. And I love it when the balloon explodes into lots of little pieces. Also, I like to hump on round bouncy balloons hard and crazy until it pops. ” “Would it turn you on if I blew up a balloon right here with a balloon pump until it popped?” asked Roy “or would it scare you?” “Both I expect,” I said, “I’m not sure I want to be excited though – well not by you anyway – don’t you think that’s a bit odd?” “Odd how?” Roy said. “Wanting to do something nice for a friend? Ever since that big balloon popped behind you and then nearly jump off the couch. I’ve been wanting to pop the previous balloon – in fact, I thought you’d noticed!” Roy stood up, looked around, and picked up a 16” balloon on the floor. He looked at me, put the balloon to his lips and started to blow. As the balloon inflated – rather quickly, in fact, I became fidgety and a bit nervous. I desperately wanted to watch Roy blow up the balloon all the way until it popped, but part of me wanted to look away. I was also acutely aware that my cock was getting hard in my pants and I didn’t want to see him to notice – well Roy thought he didn’t want me to notice – he wasn’t quite sure anymore. The balloon was now a decent size, with the neck just beginning to form. Roy looked at me and gave him a wonderful, knowing smile and then continued to take long deep breaths into the balloon.

I was impressed – it seemed that either I was not as afraid as he made out, or that he was deliberately putting on a show of bravado for me. I suspected it was a bit of both. I knew that if the roles were reversed, and Roy was thinking he might have to reciprocate for me, that I am a lot more nervous than he appeared to be. Especially now, as the balloon was obviously fighting back against Roy's deep breaths. I knew this stage, the neck pushing back against his fingers, making it difficult to hold on. The heart thumping – the anticipation building. The realization that this was almost the point of no return and the temptation to chicken out. I showed no signs of chickening out though. Roy momentarily took the balloon away from his lips, held it out in front of him. “It’s going to be loud! You OK with me going on?” “I always count the breaths,” I said. “This one’s taken 2-3 already – I reckon no more than five more. Count them for me please?”

“OK, I go for it,” said Roy – realizing his words were a bit trembling. “One”
Roy took a deep breath and blew the balloon. It was obviously
incredibly tight, nicely translucent and I knew it couldn’t take much
more. Roy was nervous and excited and the last thing he wanted was for me to stop.


Roy struggled to get this breath in. He looked directly at me and I looked back smiling.


Roy shut his eyes – it was obvious that the balloon was near its end,
putting up the tell-tale resistance that I knew preceded the pop.


Roy took a deep breath, blew again into the balloon and BANG! Bits of the yellow balloon flew everywhere – tiny shards of thin latex rained down on to me and onto the couch. One piece lodged itself in Roy's shortcut head. Roy kept hold of the nozzle of the balloon – there wasn’t much of it – but it had the tell-tale signs of a balloon blown until it popped – 3 or 4 lingering fingers of latex remained attached to the nozzle. The noise was incredible – it seemed so much louder outdoors, and there had been an echo of the building. Roy was looking triumphant, still holding the balloon nozzle and beaming. I stood up, moved towards him and gave him a huge hug.

I couldn’t help feeling what he knew to be my hard cock against his thigh and feel sure Roy would be feeling the same. “Thank you – that was incredible,” I said. Then a knock on the door. I hear guys talking outside Roy's home. Is was 8:52 pm. "You ready now?" said Roy. "Yes, I am ready.
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