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Default How I became a Male Looner part 3 (True Story)
Me and Roy took a deep breath. We was ready. There was a three slow knock at the front door. I hear guys talking and laughing. "I will go get the door", Roy said. Roy walk down the hall to open the door. I stand and watched. There were five guys walked in his house. One was named Jake, the bald white guy, handsome face. Roy is the guy who met online. He hugged Roy. He was carrying a box of a small phisher price bouncy castle under his left arm and a bag of pack of wubble balloons in his left hand. The second was named Danny, the muscular guy, round booty, greeted Roy with a dap and looked around the house. The third was named Blake, the liquor guy.

He was carrying two dark blue nozzle balloon pumps in both in his hands and couple of beers and red wine in a brown bag. Four was named, Ric or Ricardo, the cool and collected guy. He had a nice smile and hugged Roy. And five was named, Zack, the wild guy, He was a nice person, muscular and had a booty on him, not too big, flat or small. Just right. He was carrying a bag of wubble ballons well under his right arm. Yes, all five guys were gay. " So the gangs all here," said Roy with a happy tone. Roy turns around to me to greet his friends. "Hey come over here and meet the guests. I walked up to greet them. " This is the guy I was telling you about," he told the guys. "Oh hey what's up, I'm Jake." He gave me a handshake like a gentleman. He had the soft hand. "Hello, I'm Danny" as he nods his head and waves his hand. "Hello, there the names Blake. Nice to meet you". "Uh hey, what's up, So you are Roy's new friend. I'm Ricardo or you can call me Ric".

"Hey welcome to the party of balloons woohoo. The name is Zack the wild and crazy guy that makes this party started". Everyone laugh including me. "Geez at least let me close the door and say that haha," said Roy. "So guys you can put the stuff in the living room and there snacks and balloons big and small. Also, the closet is on the left side and please take off the shoes". Roy's friends did what they were told. We all walked in the living room. Roy said, " I'll be right back, got to go to the bathroom." Roy went upstairs. Zack walked into the living and saw a jumbo round yellow balloon. To his surprise, Zack dropped his bag of wubble ballons and ran towards to a big yellow balloon and hop on top of it. The balloon was deformed and made a squeaky melody sound. He humps the balloon with aggression and passion making the balloon bounce off the floor the balloon with excitement. "Oh shoot this balloon is flexible and thumpy," he said in a low chuckle voice. Zack had his eyes closed and still humping the balloon violently.

" Gosh, this balloon feel sooo good and soft. He moaned and groaned as Zack took a grip of the balloon with his hands and squeezed it going harder and faster with the balloon. The jumbo balloon bounced off the floor as he lifts his fine bubble butt upwards and down printing his muscular body with it. The balloon was making the thumping sound. I was amazed by his passion of the balloon. He had a nice bubble butt. I couldn't stop staring at it watching it going up and down. Blake and Ric went to the table in the living room to put down the liquor then the two nozzle balloon pumps on the floor, and pouring red wine into the red six cups preparation. Danny walked in and saw Zack humping the balloon. Danny had the excitement expression on his face watching Zack humping the yellow Jumbo Balloon.

His print grows out of his black fitted pants."Wow, Zack, you got a good rhythm with that balloon you are on," said Danny. Zack smothered his face on the ballon to turn to Danny, opens half his eyes, looked up at Danny, "Mhmm Come on join with me" as Zack bites his bottom lip with his teeth as he humps the balloon harder then stops. Danny smile and slowly took off his white shirt, climb on top of Zack making the Jumbo balloon deformed further like a bean. Danny had nice abs. Both guys giggled, the Jumbo balloon bounced a little. "This balloon has great resistence, I wonder how strong it will last?" said Danny. "Let's find out. let's go crazy with it and it hopes it pops." Zack said. Danny smiles once more and said,"Okay you asked for it." Zack had a crazy expression look on his face and said, "Bring it." Zack crossed both his legs with his fitted jeans over Danny's torso and arms around his neck as Danny lift his butt up and slammed Zack hard, so hard the jumbo balloon deformed further downward, sucking them in. They were bouncing off and on the balloon with a strong force. The balloon deformed further down and had a loud squeak. They started to treat the poor balloon.

Jake opened the phaser price bouncy small castle out of the box and use Blake's balloon pump. I stand and watched amazed with Danny and Zack seeing them bouncing high off the balloon and down hard on the poor balloon and grabbing the balloon with their fingers. "Hey, you," said Jake. I turned around." You don't mind helping me inflate some bubble ballots please?" in a nice tone. " Sure," I said.
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