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Default Dinosair Summer, Year 3 and beyond
And finally, the conclusion to this particular tale. I'll link the full story as usual - keep reading below for some excerpts featuring balloon play!

“Ok, girls, we’re doing a promotion. Kim, set up the camera while the artists get ready. White backdrop.”
“Get ready how?” Alex asked.
“Your best red dresses and matching makeup. Feel free to exaggerate.”
While they went to work I called our favorite party supplier and put in a significant order. Then I located some suitable props. Everything got done surprisingly quick and once I’d finished my own tasks we were about ready to get started. Kim had jokingly thrown on a black beret to look the part but couldn’t hold a candle to the ones in front of the camera.
The subjects looked ravishing in their outfits - gowns I wasn’t even aware they owned, along with glittering jewelry and paint jobs that just screamed ‘love me’. Kriss flashed me her pearly whites.
“Was gonna save this for the fourteenth, but…”
The bag I was holding fell to the floor. So much for being all professional. I drew a breath to regain some composure.
“Kissie, I’ll have to say this and be done: I’m gonna fuck that grin right off your face and straight back on after this.”
Kim didn’t manage even that. A whimpering “Fuck me…” was all that came out.
“With pleasure”, Alex said, pressing the blonde’s hand to her lips.
If I could keep them in the zone and get this done quickly it would turn out better than I’d hoped. But that would take a little discipline.
“Ok, five minutes of focus, ten at most.” I picked up the bag. “I wanted spontaneity so serves me right for not talking this through.”
I handed the visions in red a prop each.
“Oh, I love these!” Lexi exclaimed.
“So what would you have us do, Ms. DeMille?” Kriss asked as she accepted the red rubber heart.
“Enter the frame from your respective sides, walk towards the camera, stop and blow those up. Together at first, then a solo take.”
“To pop?”
“Nope. Just release the air for the reshoot.”
The camera was started and they performed the requested actions, inflating the shaped balloons side by side. Their breath filled the sixteen-inch hearts to the limit, and after signaling them to stop I couldn’t help calling out “Cut!”
“Boss, you have to let me direct a take”, Kim said.
“Sure”, I replied. “Do it.”
“Same again”, she announced, “but this time...eye-fuck the camera.”
They were more than eager to. Holy crap. Forget the balloons, I wasn’t sure my own heart could take the strain of watching those looks. Kriss and Lex staring intently at the viewer, their cheeks puffing out and growing bigger in time with their balloons, their gazes almost daring you to look away. Which of course was impossible and I hoped my cameragirl was capturing that all right. For personal use, if nothing else.
Kim nearly forgot to tell them to stop.
“That wasn’t… too bad”, she said. “Good job.”
“We aim to please”, Kriss smiled.
“Tell you what”, I cut in, “Do two closeups in a row. One regular inflation, that.” I didn’t wanna waste any time.
They both did as asked, and boy was Kim right. Her version was maybe too efficient but I didn’t care. I could pick and choose later - at the time I just enjoyed the hell out of the show.
“A side view as well”, I decided. I still can’t say if it was for editing purposes or for having them glance at me that way the whole time it took to blow up their balloons.
Those sexy, sexy beasts had just about made me lose my train of thought. I reluctantly picked it back up.
“Closeups of tying them off”, I ordered before breaking out a magic marker. “Autograph them.”
Kim shot them signing and holding up the balloon hearts, this time smiling in a less lascivious manner. A single reshoot had to be enough because more than fifteen minutes had passed and I couldn’t wait any longer.
“That’s a wrap”, I announced and wrapped Kriss up tightly in my arms, kissing her so long and hard I completely lost track of time. Not that it mattered anymore.
Alex had gotten much the same from Kim and as they broke off she turned to me.
“Did we do all right?”
“No. Much better.”
She looked so incredibly delicious I had to kiss her too - and she was. Kim took the opportunity to sample my sweetie, but after that we needed some privacy. I escorted Kriss to bed and it was only after we got there I noticed she’d brought the balloon bag along.
“Gonna put your money where your mouth is?” she asked and raised another latex heart to her lips.
“Gonna put something somewhere.”
She turned her back to me and put a foot on the bed, then lifted her skirt enough to show she wasn’t wearing any panties.
Someone was in a hurry to dress”, I said.
“Someone should be”, she replied and began blowing up the balloon.
She’d broken one heart and started on a fresh one by the time I’d finished strapping on. Then I fulfilled my promise from before, pumping her from behind until the balloon popped and going on long after Kriss had as well. She was on her hands and knees by then and I held on to her hips, pulling hard to meet my thrusts, the fabric of her gown decadently draped over my wrists. I could think of nothing but making her cry out again, have the walls echoing her enjoyment.


Lazily inflating all kinds of latex we filled the bed with air captured in various huggable and humpable shapes, comparing pros and cons with each and naming favorites.
I’m partial to zeppelins these days. Despite a couple of awkward incidents I’ve learned to really appreciate them.
“I love punchballs”, Kriss said. “Remind me of how I got you back.”
I’d heard that before, of course. We’d blown up over a dozen for the anniversary of that day and made love among them (and against them, and on top of them) for hours. And just like with inflatables Kriss likes any big ones that would take a normal person ages to fill, or go for a pump. That pretty much goes without saying.
“Don’t get me started on shaped ones”, Alex said. “I still think they have it in for me.”
To her, any ballons past round or oval were ‘shaped’. She did decently with bigger airships and hearts - if only because they could withstand her power.
“I like shaped ones”, said Kim.
“I dig them too - if someone else blows them up.”
“You just need to hold back some”, Kriss said. “Let’s do a couple of cats.”
Alex snorted. “Very funny, Blondie.”
But she tried emulating Kriss, who had no problems filling up hers. The ears on Lexi’s loon expanded halfway before its head went bang.
Kriss took out out another and stretched it all over.
“Try again, but pretend it’s Kimmy. You don’t want her to pop, right?”
The thought made Alex shudder and she carefully pushed her breath into the feline shape. It expanded prettily and a measured squeeze made the ears inflate somewhat like intended.
“That wasn’t so hard, was it?”
Lexi tied the balloon off and held it up to inspect her handiwork. Then it popped for no good reason at all. Maybe they do have it in for her.
“Forget the small ones”, Kriss shrugged. “Wanna help with this?”
It was a giant yellow duck, and Lex had no qualms about sharing inflation duty. They could both blow as hard as they liked without worrying about popping it - in fact, they were kind of required to if they wanted it done this week.
Me and Kim watched the spectacle while blowing up several smaller balloons. It was a sweet sight - Kim cradling Lexi from behind so she could take her turns over the shoulder, resting her head on it while Alex blew.
Their combined lung power had the bird fully inflated in record time, and as soon it was sealed with a knot they straddled it and took the duck for a wild ride with an explosive finish that sent them both sprawling.
Kim laughed.
“Sprengd annka!”
We waited for the explanation. “Gran told me about funny names for swedish dishes. That’s one - literally means ‘burst duck’! Though it’s really just cured duck meat.”
“There’s no cure for this ducky” Alex said, holding up the jagged remains. “What is it with ducks and air, anyway? Peking duck needs to be inflated too, you know.”
I suppressed an ‘air ducts’ pun and listened to another explanation.
“But I’ve never tried making it, it’s insanely complicated.”
“Are there simpler versions? It sounds yummy”, Kriss said.
“I guess. Should probably start with that.”
She’d gotten us all curious and agreed to attempt it as soon as possible. The utter lack of protests and excuses suggested that was exactly what she’d been after.
More balloons were blown up and played with, but mostly we played with each other. There was so much love in the air I felt about ready to burst myself from an overdose of affection. Lucky there’s no such thing.
We snoozed together surrounded by lots and lots of squeaky and springy loons, sleeping so soundly even the occasional pop didn’t interrupt our rest - the only proof of their noisy demise was telltale gaudy shreds on the sheets.
It didn’t matter since the inevitable good morning orgy left the rest in tatters as well.


“I feel like an airship ride”, Alex said.
“Don’t think there are any tours at this time. But I can think of an alternative…”
Naturally we had the same thing in mind and soon a few cigar shaped balloons had been inflated for the purpose.
“Be right back”, Lexi told me.
Two minutes later she re-entered wearing a pilot’s uniform jacket and cap. The navy blue went oh so very nicely with her dark skin and the gold details glistened in the dimmed lights. She took my hand to guide me down astride the thickest, bounciest blimp.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome aboard. This is Captain Riley speaking and I hope you’ll enjoy the flight as much as I intend to.”
The big balloon squealed under our combined weight, but didn’t pop. Alex had underinflated it on purpose. It was still pretty oversized, a six-foot affair stretching out to its full length from the gentle bouncing.
The latex wrapped nicely around my ass as I pumped my hips against it, getting beyond horny from the sensation and the sight of Lexi pleasing herself in the same way. I wanted to touch myself but didn’t dare risking a nail pop so I thrust harder and deeper instead. Alex did the same and the ride turned downright bumpy.
“We are experiencing some turbulence”, she announced. “Please remain seated and refreshments will be served shortly.”
She switched to the role of flight attendant, catering to my needs and requests. With Lex leaning in to suck my tits slowly and thoroughly, I indeed felt like I was floating through the air, the flexible seat rubbing my privates just right. I slipped my hands under her jacket and held on to her muscular body to steady myself as I rode the big balloon all the way to Climax City. She blew on my wet nipples before sucking and licking even harder and I had to circle the airport until I was cleared to land after a final orgasm.
I got to wear the cap for the return trip and had Lexi moaning and grinding so hard our transport suffered a hull breach and we made an emergency landing, my face cushioned by the wonderful airbags on her chest. Laughing like crazy we rolled around hugging each other, popping another loon in the process and ending up with me on top gazing straight into her huge, dark eyes.
The joy turned to wonder as I found myself overwhelmed by my feelings for her. She wore a similar look of amazement and I covered her parted lips with my own, kissing her for a long time with her reciprocating until I had to stop or lose my mind. A final lick promised more.
“I love you, Lex. More than I can say.”
“No need… I can feel it.” She crushed me close in a steely grip. “And I love you so much I can’t even think…”
“Lemme do it for us both then…”
I moved to position myself, her thighs enveloping my hips as I sank into place, bonding our bodies like a jigsaw of pleasure. Me and her perfectly connected and in tune with each other, neither having to think what to do next.
Our last surviving balloons became leg rests for our lovemaking, squeaking gently under Lexi’s knees as I pushed my pussy against hers over and over, nuzzling and kissing until she too had reached her destination.
There was a breathless whisper as I disembarked:
“This is Captain Riley wishing you a good night and hoping you’ll fly with us again soon.”

I spent the night spooning Alex while she hugged a big blue airship bulging with my breath. I’d blown it up just for her to hold and she’d sighed with delight, asking me to finger her to sleep from behind - a service I was more than happy to provide. After all, it’s kinda expected of the big spoon.
We woke to a bang. Kim had unceremoniously popped her fat rival and was poised to crawl into Lexi’s embrace. As soon as the dark girl was comfortably sandwiched between us her wife apologized.
“Sorry about your pretty balloon. I’ll blow you a new one tonight.”
“I forgive you if you blow me as well.”
“Deal”, Kim said and the kisses sealing it cued me to rise and see what Kriss was up to.
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