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Default Re: Anticipation (new story)
i initially thought Linsey was the tease kind, but you showed she was neutral(?).
with all the new characters i think your biggest hit would be to merge them all in a story, i don't know how that would end up. probably a huge mess... (of balloon shards?)
but for the most part i really enjoyed this story, though the pissing part was a first one but since i'm not into that, i have no opinion about it.
try to make a few stand-alone stories for each character with past balloon interaction just to see their background with balloons, and for you actually it would really help to know how each character would most likely behave in your scenes. one example would be Linsey, the swimmer, maybe she had to decorate the basketball court for graduation day with the guy she had a crush on and she actually had some nasty thoughts. obvsiously balloons were involved. i don't know, YOU do as you always showed by writing the best series period.

keep in mind this is just my opinion which has no value.

best regards, a huge fan.
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