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Post Introducing Roman.
I'm finally done with introductions. Next stories will be in the present days where Roman and Natalie are young adults experiencing life.

I urge you to comment down on any mistake for feedback.

I hope you enjoy it

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~here you go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Roman quickly put his left hand back on the desk as the door opened.

“Dinner’s ready” said his mom.

Roman paused the video, minimized chrome, zipped his pants and proceeded to the dining room.

Little Roman wasn’t satisfied and began to shrink, which started to spam the young teenager’s brain with requests and hormones. Roman was unpleased, his heart was racing and he surely didn’t feel hungry at the moment. With a hand in his pocket, he adjusted his very sensitive uncircumcised manhood by sliding his foreskin upwards, protecting his frenulum from any unwanted contact with his jeans.

“So how’s school? Who won the soccer tournament?” asked Roman’s father while salting his fillet.

“Uh, we ended up in second place. James wasn’t feeling too well, I think he has a fever, so Daniel took his place. We couldn’t attack properly, the match ended 0-1.”

“Oh, I hope he gets well, I bumped into his mother yesterday in the grocery store and she told me that she’s going on vacation with her husband to Italy.” Said Roman’s mom.

Roman finished his fillet and placed his plate on the counter.

“Finished already? There’s fries and more meat if you want, they’re delicious”

“Thanks mom , I’m good, wasn’t really hungry to begin with…”

Roman rushed to the bathroom and washed his hands with cold water, he returned to his bedroom and thought about ending what his mom had interrupted. He unzipped his pants and grabbed his half erect dick with a firm grip.

“mmmhh” shivered Roman as his ice cold hand began absorbing heat from his warm member. The sensation was tremendous. He started moving his hand in a rhythmic way and got lost in the moment. Pre-cum was leaking like crazy from his freezing cock, Roman licked his wet fingers and walked to his wardrobe. He took out his hidden stash and placed a 16 inch red qualatex balloon between his lips but didn’t blow yet. He sat on his chair, his dick pointing straight to the ceiling, and restored chrome. He unpaused the video featuring a nice blonde woman bursting balloons while blowing a huge 24 inch pink balloon till it explodes.

“BANG” Roman cringed and frowned, the volume was set to 100%, so he lowered it and started blowing his own red balloon while stroking his manhood with his chilly hand.

“BANG” “whoooooooshsh” “BANG” “BANG”

Roman’s eyes were glued to his screen, more specifically, Roman’s eyes were glued to the naked woman blowing the huge pink balloon while stomping on other balloons with her high heels.

Roman’s balls were calling for mass evacuation, the buildup was getting stronger and stronger. Roman glanced at his red balloon and freaked out, it has gotten a visible neck so he stopped blowing and focused on the video.
Roman, although known for his courage, had a weakness for balloons and their loud explosions. He wanted to overcome his fear but just couldn’t get himself to do it. He tried his best at avoiding parties and anything that involved balloons and actually succeeded most of the time.

Roman straightened his legs and arched backwards, streams of cum fired upwards and to the underside of the huge balloon, some of which bounced back and landed on his keyboard. Roman was exhausted, he removed the balloon out of his mouth and let it deflate silently between his fingers before tossing it out on the bed. He licked the cum that was on his fingers and prepared for a nice sleep.

The next day was a Saturday, and it was David’s graduation day. David is Jeremy’s son, a close friend to Roman’s father. David and Roman were friends, but not the best friends. They barely see each other , and David was 18, 2 years older than Roman. Although Roman preferred staying home, he didn’t have a choice, he had to attend David’s graduation with his parents.
As the evening approached, people started to show up at the school. Roman’s parents were seated at the front with other adults, while Roman sat at the back with other students.

2 young girls sat to his left. The closest one to Roman was a green eyed blonde; he knew her name was “Natalie”, and he knew she was gorgeous. The other girl was Amy, and she was known for being very shy and attractive.

“So how was Nathan’s birthday?” asked Amy

“It went fine, he finally admitted to his fear of balloons popping.”

The last 2 words caught Roman off guard, did he really hear what he thought he had heard?

“Oh, poor Nathan, I feel him, I kind of jump too when a balloon unexpectedly pops.” Said Amy.

“You don’t understand Amy, he’s terrified of them, he almost cried when I started bursting balloons in his room.”

“You didn’t do that on purpose did you? I know you did.” Giggled Amy.

“Amy he’s a guy, guys can’t be scared of stupid things like that, I did it for him. Actually before my mom came back from work, I went to his room and locked the door, then I blew a balloon until it burst while he had his fingers in his ears. I told him I wanted him to get over his fear so I popped more balloons. I tried to make him burst one but he couldn’t do it. At least he’s getting better around them now.”

Roman went pale, who the hell was Nathan and why are these girls talking about balloons?!?

Roman’s jeans was trapping the 6 inch beast that was desperately trying to join the conversation. Roman was feeling uncomfortable and thought about leaving, his dick didn’t like the idea though. He went outside to the giant rooftop to have some fresh air and noticed white necked balloons attached to the metal balcony fence. He glanced at the nice view of his city. He noticed that several more students were getting bored of the long ceremony and left their seats too.

Amy and Natalie stood about 5 meters to Roman’s left and Roman found himself overhearing them again.

“Look at those beautiful balloons, I bet Nathan would have liked them” Giggled Amy.

“Yeah right? I thought you were scared of balloons too? Cmon, pop one.” Said a playful Natalie.

The young girls were pretty far at the edge of the rooftop near Roman, and the ceremony was taking place in the hall in the other side of the school. Surely, no one’s going to hear the explosion Roman thought. His eyes got fixed on the white balloon and he started shaking from anticipation.

“You do it!” said Amy.

“I knew you were scared of them.”

“No I’m not scared of them! At least not like your brother, just burst it yourself.”

Natalie grabbed the balloon with both hands which resulted in a nice squeak. Amy started to smile in anticipation, Roman’s eyes grew wider, his hands were shaking, he tried to be calm.

It’s just 1 bang, he thought. His breathing got quicker and heavier. He stared at the balloon and couldn’t get his eyes to look away.

Natalie looked around and saw Roman staring at the balloon. Roman didn’t even notice Natalie looking his way and kept his stare on the white necked over inflated balloon.

Natalie started to dig her beautiful manicured nails inside the balloon.


The explosion was very loud, the balloon was holding immense pressure and burst violently, shredding apart.

“aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh” squealed Amy giggling.

Roman’s heart skipped a beat, he jumped very noticeably and saw Natalie staring at him with a grin on her face and white balloon shreds on her blond hair.

Natalie, still staring at Roman with a huge grin, placed her fingernails on the next balloon.

“I think that’s enough Natalie…” said Amy while cringing. She surely didn’t like those bangs either.

“Yeah, I think that’s enough, that balloon went off really loudly though.” Said Natalie, while still staring at Roman.

Roman was blushing , he was embarrassed and wished he could just disappear from here. Why did he even leave his seat in the first place? Oh, because of balloons. Why do they seem to be following him?

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