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Default Re: The BALLOON N' A BOTLE incident
I have got a new job.
I started working at the balloon company
Since i am a warehouse worker i work about half time a the warehouse and the other time at the developing departement.
My new girlfriend who is the head of the developing departement makes sure to have me in her departement for at least the afternoon.
The other morning we unloaded a container and it bored me so i to the maneger that i was needed at the developing departement and went there.
As I got there my girlfriend Lisa looked up from her desk.
"I'm really bored at the warehouse have you got something i can do?" i asked.
"Well we can always test the BALLOON N' A BOTLE a little more" she said and blincked at me with her beautyfull brown eyes. "Take off your clothe and climb up on the lift".
I took off my clothe and climbed up on the lift with a BALLOON N ' A BOTLE tank
"This time blow the balloon up to about two meters while lying on it" Lisa said
I opened og the valve and the balloon balloon inflated below me lifting me up. It felt awsome.
"Okay stop now" Lisa said.
I turned off the valve and the balloon felt like it was just about to float off the lift with me.
Just to then the companys boss Hans came in with some customers.
"Oh hi Hans we where just testning the BALLOON N' A BOTLE a little more.. My test pilot lies on top of the balloon right now so that is why you can not see him now" Lisa said.
"your product looks really interesting" the female customer said "if you are able to impress us with a demonstration in USA we might put in a huge order"
"Well you better get on with the testning Lisa and come in with an idea how to impress our american friends tomorrow" Hans said.
Hans and the customers left and Lisa said "You better come down now. Do you have any ideas?".
I bounced sligtly on top of the balloon.
It was enough to make the balloon float off the lift and up under the ceilng.
The balloon then gently floated down to the ground and bounced back up to the ceilng again.
While i was lying on the balloon bouncing up and down i explained my plan to her.
The next monday i stood at the customers carpark in Los Angeles wearing only a paint suit.
Lisa, Hans and the american customers was there too.
Further away the customers beautyfull Sikorsky S-76 helicopter was parked, but I was not going up in that at least for now.
Hans started" A couble of month ago our test pilot accidently found out that the BALLOON N' A BOTLE can make a person fly. Over the next four days he has offered to see how long it can take him. When ever you are ready you may start".
I opened the valve and I could feel the balloon pressing against my stomach.
The balloon began to work its way around my body and when the sides met they melted together enveloping my body completely. It felt even better than i remembered.
As the paint suit began to rupture the female customer came over and touched the green surface.
"I'm really into wearing latex how does it feel" she whispered.
"A hundred times more rubber like than a latex catsuit" i whispered back
As the paint suit fell off Lisa came over
"What are you whispering about? " she asked
"Oh she just told me that she like wearing rubber and wanted to know Howard the balloon feels" i said
"Oh I see" she said and blincked back.
At that point i was about to float off and my feet left the ground.
"We will follow you in the helicopter" Lisa shouted and ran to it.
I could see the helicopter starting below and folow me as I drifted east.
I was now in a rubbery trance like condition when Lisa called me over the radio.
"How are you doing up there" she asked
I feel veeeeeeryy good the rubbery feeling is almost unbareble. It feels sooo gooood. And the view is so beautyfull "i said
I could see that i was now over Death Valley. The view was spetacular.
As the sun setted the first day we where near Las Vegas when the radio desturbed me.
" We have to land and refuel. We will cach up with you later "the pilot said.
Totaly exausted i fell a sleep.
Next morning i woke up and the helicopter was nowhere.
I could see a dry salt lake below with a long runway on it.
There was some strange triangular black aircrafts starting below.
All the sudden a f22 raptor came sooming by.
I must have been in restricted airspace becauce he came back fireing at me with his machine gun.
The granates just bounce off the balloon. All the shaking gave me an orgasm
The f 22 came back now fireing a missile.
The explotion hurled the balloon and me a kilometer higher up, it was like a wild rolarcoaster ride, but the balloon kept me unharmed.
Finaly the f 22 gave up and left.
The helikopter finaly joined me again
"You had drifted into restricted airspace and we where not alowed to follow you. Are you alright?" the pilot asked.
"Well i had an encounter with a f22 but i am alright" i said." The view is awsome"
I was now drifting east over Grand Canyon in the sunset when i fell asleep.
The next morning i woke up over a prarie landscabe.
The clouds where tuning black ahead.
"We have some bad weather ahead. We have to fly around it, you can't good luck" the pilot said and turned away.
Well he wasn't kidding.
As I got sucked closer to the clouds i could see that a tornado foming below.
As I was sucked into the cloud the powerfull updraft hurled me upward at tramendeous speed.
I lost contioussnes as I was hurled out from the top of the cloud.
I must have desended slowly becauce when i came too i was over St Louis still desending.
The helikopter had joined me again.
"Are you alright we have been trying to reach you for ten minutters now" the pilot asked.
Yes i am alright i must have been out for a while in the bad weather "i said.
I was still desending and landed at a baseball stadium.
The helikopter landed beside me and Hans and Lisa escorded me trough the huge crowd and tv crews to the helikopter.
The balloon now looked like a tight green latex suit
" You have given us the best publicity i can imagine consider you self promoded to lead test pilot" Hans said.
We landed at the roof of a luxory hotel.
Lisa And I was given their best suite. Hans tought that we have earned it.
I was still wearing the balloon as Lisa and I got to the suite.
She pushed me backward onto the bed and said "Wait there".
She came out nacked, but all luped up in silicone. She climbed on top of me and squeased her feets into the balloons opening around my face. She slowly wrickled her self into the balloon.
As her pussy passed my face i was beginning to get a boner.
Slowly she wrickled each of her legs into the legs of the balloon on top of me.
As her croch reached my croch my now really stiff boner slided up in her..
We had the best sex ever forced together by the balloon.
After several hours i carried her still inside the balloon to the shower and we got out.
I still have the balloon and Lisa and I still play with it.
Since my promotion Lisa and I have bought a lumber house and we play with the BALLOON N' A BOTLE a lot
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