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Default A winter feeling
Here is one more for you to enjoy. Again, sorry for the length.

The snow rolled into town in waves and people were already up early. She could hear the low frequency rumble of snow removal trucks and the whine of snow blowers across the neighbourhood. Nasty weather always had the same effect on her, which was basically to want to cocoon and spend her day in bed. Coffee, Netflix and whatever else she felt like doing so long as it meant that she didn’t have to head into work.
She heard the beeping of a tow truck backing up while she slipped in and out of slumber and foggy memory that she had come in late last night after a couple of glasses of wine with friends at the local bar. She remembered how excited she was to come home only to realize that Nick, her recent boyfriend had already texted her hours ago saying that he had to work late. She was a little frustrated and still a little moist from last night just thinking about making up for the last opportunity last night. The house was awfully quiet, but she figured that Nick was probably in his office taking care of some work. He was on a tough deadline these past few weeks and needed to put in the extra hours. It was the best anyway, she said to herself while her fingers brushed gently over her clit sending shivers down her legs.
The beeping continued and now more insistent and vying for her attention, she sprang to her feet and ran to the front window to witness the tow truck pulling away with her relatively new, but dirty car swiftly being driven away. “Fuck! I guess they put up the no parking signs late last night after she had already park” she said under her breath. Deflated and a little pissed, she made a mental note to call the towing company to find out where and when her car would be available for pick up knowing that she would need it later in the evening.
Priorities first though were to get some good quality coffee into her so that she could start to think straight about how to put her plan into action. She called out to Nick asking him if he wanted a fresh cup, but was only greeted with resounding silence. She called out again, but still nothing as her eyes scanned across the kitchen. They eventually fell upon a note torn off of a lined 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper. His chicken scrawl saying something to the effect that he loved her very much, but had to go into work early, but really wanted to catch up with her in the evening over a nice bottle of wine and some good, stick to your ribs, perfect winter food in front of the T.V. She smiled and reflected over the kindness of his note and said to herself that he better make it up to her and in more ways than one. She loved him, but the alternating schedules were always tough to manage in a couple. She was horny and really need to have him take care of her soon which clearly didn’t help the issue.
Nick had already been up early, cleaned up the kitchen, kissed her on the forehead and headed out the door to plow out his own car noting that hers was parked on the street in the no parking zone. He texted her saying that she better move her car before 9 a.m. otherwise they were going to tow it. It took a solid thirty minutes for the car to warm up and the almost 30 centimetres of snow off the roof and hood. “I hate winter” he said to himself as he jumped into the driver seat. He came home late last night and left early this morning without even a hello to his new girlfriend. He honestly felt really bad knowing that she really needed some attention. “It will have to wait until I get home and I’ll make sure I take such good care of her needs that she forgets her own name” he thought confidently.

Over the past few relationships Nick had expressed his certain kink to his love interests and had all but abandoned the idea of telling his newest about it too. It was oddly not well received on a couple of occasions which made him particularly gun-shy with his newest and didn’t want to feel the stinging rejection again. In any case, it was stronger than him and not something he could easily control. He truly loved the feeling of blowing up, sitting on, stroking, playing and popping balloons…in a sexual context. His greatest fantasies realized when is first girlfriend took to it like a duck to water. He loved every second and pushed to repeat the experience over and over again because she was so masterfully good and teasing him, reading his body and pushing his limits.
Mika, his newest was absolutely stunning to him in every way. She was a perfect “10” as far as he was concerned. Voluptuous, confident, stunning eyes, skin like and angle and lips that were just the best to kiss. Not to mention that her sexuality simply oozed out of her. She knew how to make him crazy with desire because she knew exactly how to take charge and take advantage when the time was right. “Never again” he said to himself multiple times in his mind that he wouldn’t let another great one get away and emboldened himself to ensure that she be satisfied every time.
Somewhat deflated about the car being towed and not getting a chance to see Nick this morning, she retired to the bedroom with steaming hot coffee in hand. Installing herself at the desk she powered up her boyfriend’s laptop to check her email since she wasn’t going into work. Delete, delete, delete, she powered through her morning work just prior to logging into an online webinar. She opened the browser and started typing the URL in the address bar. As soon as she hit the “B” key, a whole host of sites relating to balloons dropped down from the list. “What’s this?” she said to herself intrigued. She clicked on the first one and it took her directly to this incredible image of a beautiful, nubile young girl bouncing up and down in a huge red balloon. Her hair flailed back and forth and you could hear her efforts and make out the small droplets of sweat on her brow. The balloon suddenly burst in a thousand shreds and the girl collapsed in laughter on the floor. “How was that!” she exclaimed. “Did I make you cum?” she asked inquisitively with one finger pointing to her pouting lips and puppy-dog eyes. “Wow, that was hot” Mika said to herself. She continued down the list seeing more and more balloon content all with girls of different shapes and sizes, blowing up, caressing, sitting on and bursting the most wide variety of balloons she had ever seen. Then it hit her like a ton of bricks….”Nick has a balloon fetish!”. She was elated and somewhat pissed all at the same time. She thought that he was completely vanilla up until now and never expected that something as uncommon as this would ever come up. Mika had always been very experimental and loved above all else to discover something new, something novel and interesting to try with a partner. Yet she was a little disappointed that he didn’t share his kink at the same time. Mika was never the shy type and loved to be fawned over and adored and this was the just the perfect ticket to make sure that she got her just desserts. “He’s going to pay” she said with a Cheshire cat grin.
She pondered the idea a few minutes and stood up. “If he likes balloons so much, then he must have some here as well” she said gazing around the bedroom. Her eyes fixed on the closet as she walked over with her arm stretched out to reach for the knob. She opened it tentatively and scanned the interior for anything that might resemble what she was looking for. Despite the closet being quite large, there was still a good amount of space for everything that Nick needed. There were a few boxes, and containers in the far back corner hidden away from all of the clothes, shoes and prying eyes she imagined. Mika pushed back the clothes and amongst the boxes was an opaque plastic container that definitely had some potential as a good hiding place. “Bingo” she exclaimed as she unclipped the sides of the lid and lifting it off revealing a rainbow of coloured balloons in all shapes and sizes. She pawed her way gingerly through the pile, eyes wide in excitement having never seen such an assortment in her life. She pulled the bin out of the closet and placed it on the bed. Mika selected a few that she thought she could handle and placed them on the duvet.
Mika stripped out of her camisole and sat on the bed in the cutest pair of black panties that were cut high enough up the leg to accentuate her beautiful bum while giving a nice contrast to her pale-white skin and auburn-red hair that cascaded softly down her back between her shoulder blades. Her ample breasts hung beautifully as she thumbed through the red, purple and clear balloons in her hands. She brought the handful up to her nose and inhaled wondering what they smelled like. Unsurprisingly, they smelled exactly like some of her latex outfits she wore to group events. She always loved the feeling of latex against her body and how it sexy it made her feel. This was especially so when it was warm enough in the room to make her start sweating. The slickness combined with her body heat made the smell of the latex bloom, instantly connecting those sexual experiences with the material itself. Her nipples reacted as expected, skin tightening and jutting out from her breasts almost as if a gust of wind had just swept across her.
She selected a large, round red balloon and brought it up to her lips. Exhaling strongly into it as it sprang to life. She continued to blow and blow with full resolve, loving the sound of the rushing air and seeing it expand in front of her face. Then it hit her that she could make this experience over the top by taking a video of her first try into the Nick’s balloon world. She allowed the balloon to deflate and grabbed her phone off the bed-side table and opened up her video application aiming the front facing camera towards her. “Not bad” she said to herself as she looked herself over, even though she still had just gotten out of bed, hair a mess and not wearing any make-up.
She started over again and brought the deflated balloon back to her ruby lips and exhaled sharply. It grew quickly and expanded against her hands as she pulled it against her body. The colour starting as a dark red and progressing to a transparent hot pink as it reached its maximum size with every breath. She would occasionally stop and would hold the neck down between her legs and push her chest down into the balloon, forcing it to stretch out obscenely in protest. She couldn’t help but start to feel a little wet between the legs as the neck pushed up against her clit. “This feels pretty nice….I think I get why he likes this” she said to herself, not entirely unsurprised with her conclusion. The balloon had reached near epic proportions at this point as she tried to knot the neck. It took a few tries but she eventually figured it out without it popping. She stood up and aimed the neck down between her legs as she sat down harshly on top of it. The latex pushing up against her clit and lips quite fully as she rocked back and forth. “Hmmmmm” she purred as the latex rubbed up against her squeaking and protesting the entire time. She began to bounce as the need for more pressure on her pussy took over. The neck pushed out further and further away from her as she reached closer and closer to climax. Standing up a second time she noticed how wet she had become leaving a slick trail across the top of the balloon, turning slightly opaque as it dried. Mika was quite surprised as she sat down hard on it fully expecting an ear-splitting explosion, but it survived as she continued to bounce harder and harder. She began to pant and breath out heavily as she ramped up her actions, breasts bouncing beautifully and now her right hand pushed down between the balloon and her clit. Rubbing back and forth quicker and quicker as the balloon groaned out in protest. Her manicured pointer finger ran astray just once as she was on the down-stroke and pushed itself into the skin of the balloon, showering her in shards of red wet latex just at the point where she let herself go to the most amazing orgasm. It took a good five minutes before her eyes opened again, legs still trembling and her own fluids running down the inside of her thighs. She smiled broadly as you could see the gearwheels start to turn in her head. “I’m going to blow your mind” she said while speaking to her phone as she mentally figured out exactly all of the boxes she was going to tick to get Nick to cum like he had never come before. He was going to worship, adore and treat her like the queen that she is. “He will never be the same” she said to herself.
She hit stop on the video app and uploaded the video to her gmail account. Opening another browser window and closing all the others she gave the video a once over before pausing it back at the beginning on the laptop monitor.
The time had really gotten away from her as she dove deep down the rabbit hole throughout the day as she clicked through mountains of websites, videos and images of all things balloon related. Glancing at the time, she realized that she only had a few minutes to put her plan into action before Nick got home. She kept one last large, uninflated blue balloon in her hand while returning the others to the bin. As she had dropped them into the bin she noticed a nice clear, donut shaped one that in her mind could only have one purpose outside of the usual decorative goal. She picked it up before closing the bin and rooted through the bed-side table to find a bottle of lube. She left both sitting in front of the laptop on top of the desk, along with her own video open and ready, unmistakably left in clear view so that Nick couldn’t possibly miss them. Looking at the clock one last time as the minute hand wrapped around to five minutes to five knowing that Nick should be home any minute. Snapping the lid back on and carrying it with her into the closet, closing the door behind her and leaving the door open just enough so that she could get a nice side-long view of the desk, laptop and any occupant sitting in the chair and their potential actions. The line of site was clear even if it was somewhat diagonal to the desk, it still give her the perfect view to see all facial expressions and see how a body might react under the right circumstances.
Nick, rushed out of work with the intent on getting home early to make dinner and enjoy some one-on-one time with Mika. Threw the car into park, unbuckled and sprinted up the stairs to the front door. “Strange” he said to himself noting that Mika’s car wasn’t there. It was a little after 5pm and he figured that she should already be home knowing her propensity to stay home when the weather was shitty. He stripped out of his winter coat, hat, gloves and winter boots exhaling sharply and noticing the gross lack of life in his house at the time. As usual, it was customary for Nick to get into more comfortable clothes and headed directly to the bedroom.
Mika heard the front door open as he rattled around the vestibule taking off his winter clothes and hanging them in the hallway. His feet padded down the hallway and pushed open the door to the bedroom. He couldn’t help but pick up on the faint smell of latex and sex mixed in with his girlfriend’s subtle vanilla perfume. It was rather heady, but Nick dismissed it quickly thinking it wasn’t possible. He unbuttoned his shirt, removed his tie and suit and laid everything on the bed. Just as he was turning toward the closet to put his suit away, he caught out of the corner of his eye that his laptop was open with an image on the screen and turned towards the computer instead. He slipped out of his pants and underwear to examine when he noticed the donut shaped balloon and the bottle of lube in plain site. His mind was racing as he put two and two together and then glanced up to notice the gorgeous face of his girlfriend on the monitor. He sat his naked ass down on in the executive chair and pressed play on the video.
He gazed at the screen and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was probably the hottest video he had ever witnessed. Clearly, she had figured everything out. There was really no hiding it anymore from her. He felt anxious and relieved all at the same time…and incredibly turned on. His favourites when he was alone were always clear, 16” donut style balloons. Mainly because they were balloons, but also because he could stick his cock deep into the hole in the center of them. The tightness always felt incredible and guaranteed a release in just a few minutes. It was near impossible for him to hold back.
Mika watched Nick attentively watching him sit down naked in the chair as the video came to life. She watched herself. She watched him without making a sound. All the while she touched herself allowing her hands to squeeze her breasts, tweak her nipples and play down towards her clit. She was soaking and moaning quietly as she watched him wide eyed watch her video. His cock sprang to life and all she could do to contain herself was to stroke faster. Nick looked to the side and picked up the donut balloon and brought it to life with heavy and quick blows. It reached its maximum after ten breaths with the neck just peaking out. He knotted it and admired the clarity as his cock stood at attention, opened the bottle of lube and allowed it to drip down over the head, across the foreskin and down the shaft. The balloon squeaked as he rotated it around the head of his cock spreading the lube around evenly. Continuing to push down and then pull up over and over again as he watched the video of Mika getting herself off. Getting faster and faster mashing the balloon against himself, his chest began to move rapidly up and down. She could see in his face that he was starting to get close and didn’t want him to come yet and decided that now was the time. He was so engrossed in his fun that he didn’t hear her step out of the closet, pad over to the chair and place her hands on his shoulders. He nearly jumped out of his skin as soon as she touched him as he veered away from her only realizing after that it was her and not a serial killer. She stood in her glory, naked from the waist up, nipples erect with a half-cocked grin. She said, “I know. It’s ok. I loved what I saw and it was beautiful to watch you please yourself, while you watched me”. Nick didn’t know what to say and just sat there in shock. She rotated his chair around to face her and turned herself around her to place her ass directly in front of his face. She lowered ever so gently while pulling her underwear to the side and began to bounce on top of the balloon. The head of his cock pushed through the hole and up to just touch the outside of her lips. She wanted to much more, but the feeling of being pushed open gently was ecstasy. She looked back at him and began to blow up her blue balloon. She could feel him get harder and thicker as she bounced and blew. The balloon began to take on massive proportions, but she didn’t take her eyes off his. Higher and then lower she continued to bounce, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her. The blue balloon had turned transparent and the neck was pushing up against her lips. She could see that both Nick and the balloon were so close to bursting. She loved every second of having this incredible power and knowing that she could make him cum like he had never come before. She winked at him and gave one last huge breath into the balloon, making it burst and the latex flying back to sting her lips. His eyes rolled back into his head as she reached down and dug her nails into the donut balloon that had been supporting her ass and hugging his cock so tightly. It burst with an incredible bang as she fell down hard on his cock causing to push into her as far as he could possibly go. He peaked, filling her pussy, his cock twitching and spurting over and over. His semen mixed with her juices ran down under her ass, along his cock and pooled on the seat of the chair. It took a good ten minutes before Nick came back to reality. He couldn’t even formulate words let alone say “thank you”. He just leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her kissing her back while panting heavily like he had just run a marathon.
She lifted up off of him and looked him in the eye smiling. She opened her mouth while shaking her index finger at him sternly saying “That was fun. I see you clearly enjoyed that, but now I need your affection and adoration. Get your balloons out of the closet and get to work. You have a whole evening in front of you to make sure that I am totally satisfied.”
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