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Default Re: Galdo and the inflatables
So this is part two of me explaining about the fetish.

There were two main Locations where I spent time doing my fetish. One was the forrest that was Close to our house (around 300 feet away) where I felt safe and hidden and the other Location was our tree house. I call it tree house so you get a better Imagination what I mean. It was not literarely a tree house hence it wasnīt in a tree but it was positioned high above ground so you had to climb a ladder up to get into it. Iīll start with
the forrest first.

In the forrest there were some letīs say "natural seats / stools" as some trees were cut and the remaining Wood stood out of the ground. As the trees were cut a Long time ago, new plants (donīt know the englisch word for it) - soft plants similar to weed - grew over most of These things. They were cut so the surface was still a bit rough, but not rough enough to Pop a balloon... and on the few ones that were rough, I brought something with me to soften the surface for my sitting parties.

So... I took a few balloons and I took a few trashbags. I think at the beginning it was ok, but as my parents got weary about that what I do has reached a Level where itīs not normal anymore they started to hide things from me. They also never knew about what I did in the forrest - at least I assume that. I just told them Iīll go outside... Play and they let me alone. Also I was not always in the forrest there were lots of other reasons I went out that were not having anything to do with fetish (when friends came over we had lots of fun with a small river... itīs not really a river it was much much smaller but we had our garden hose there and played with the water).

Anyhow... arriving up in the forrest - Feeling safe for being away from others and noone could hear potential Pops I started playing. The whole Situation... from the beginning to the Arrival in the forrest was a big adrenaline rush. My heart was going super fast already when I was preparing things (like getting the balloons and the trash backs - I waited untill parents wonīt notice and got me some). On the way up into the forrest my heart was ponding really strong and the Closer I got to the Location where will have playtime the more excited I got... and my Little man grew and grew and he stood hard for literarely 1 hour or longer, depending on how much I played in the forrest.

I usually started with the trashbags. I inflated one, and sat on it. When I was sitting on it - comfy - I held my ears shut with my Little fingers and reduced my leg Support so Iīd sit more and more heavier on the trashbag, causing it to carry more and more of my weight. Still I was quite light weight then but it was enough for the trashbags to react. I was sitting on them so most of the air would be pushed Forwards - and - Forwards between my legs I could see the plastic... it was fine... then tiny traces of "overload" as it begann to "draw" White lines... I continoued sitting... the White lines got bigger and bigger and slowly a bubble started to form... I kept sitting, the bubble grew... and grew and BANG... at that time my heart was ponding super hard, my whole Body was rushed with adrenaline... I was shaking... and my lilī man in my Pants was super hard, kinda "ponding" along with the heartbeat aggainst my Pants. I re inflated the trashbag,
fixed the hole and gave it another sit. Eventually I repeated that untill there were so many
holes in the trashbag that it was just not useable anymore.

I donīt recall it to good with the balloons but I was kinda phobic about them (maybe because of what happened, and I donīt like the loud popping noise) but I remember that I inflated one... and placed it on one of the remains of the cut trees. I sat on it, and the neck came out... I started riding... with my ears held aggain with my tiny fingers so I donīt hear the loud Bang ... to loud... I donīt recall much about balloons actually ... when I think back I think that I wasnīt really a "popper" then. I wanted to Pop them, but eventually chicken out when I was riding the balloon, saw how tight it got but still didnīt Pop. I really donīt recall what I did with non popped balloons then. Rode them till they popped? Popp them safely with a stick? I donīt recall... I recall more about the trashbags.

I was ... doing a Thing I feel bad about today and that was I just left the rubbish in the forrest. I did not care, I didnīt want to bring the popped things back with me because I was afraid my parents would notice. I mean... one day all was gone since there seemed other People to have walked in the forrest and tidied it up but that was not nice from me if I think back. I think... (not sure) one day I even went up the forrest and tidied up a Little bit by myself and found a way to throw These things away without my parents noticing.
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