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Default Re: Galdo and the inflatables
Years went by and I eventually thought of that fetish for a short time, but there wasnīt really much to it except thinking of it for a couple of minutes in a random Situation.

Since Iīm into electronics - as you mightīve read in my introduction Topic - I was watching a big (in Terms of subscribers) Youtuberīs channel aggan and at that time he found a woman, married her... she was his wife.

They made another channel for his wife on YouTube and the channel was also quite popular as many subscribers from his main channel moved there. I had a look on his wifeīs channel also sometimes.

One day they had a Video on here channel were they were about to Pop some used balloons. The wedding was still fresh, theyīve had parties but now it was time to tidy up the room and there were some balloons laying around. They decided to Pop them, mostly by sitting on them. The manīs wife took a balloon, placed it on the Sofa, and had a sit on it. She was expecting it to burst when she would sit down, but the balloon whitestand her weight, and only on the side of her Body - like on the right side - the neck from the balloon could be seen. She started to ride it, and maybe a few balloons popped but most of the used balloons could whitestand that.

Her man then also popped some balloons but getting them to Pop he had to ride them really hard, really agressive... part wise even jump on them.

I was astonished how strong These balloons were, I couldnīt belive they are that strong since I was sure - in my not so sharp remaining - memories that a balloon
is made of rather thin rubber and will Pop quite easy.

Like a Switch, this Video triggered something in me... brought back a Need... a lust for things that were Long gone. By that time we already moved and now have a house where only we live an and we donīt have any other People living in the same house as we do, so potential popping noises from inflatables wouldnīt be discovered that easy.

I closed the Video after watching it... left with thoughts... I donīt know... I thought it will calm down but it didnīt. Like I just wrote, like a Switch... it turned back on
my Need to do such things and I went to YouTube and typed in "Ballon sit" not really expecting much to see showing up in the results. After I hit the search button,
I was overwealmed how many Videos could be seen regarding this topic. I clicked on a few Videos and they really mixed my Feelings. I was nervous for the Person who did a sit Pop - for the balloon to Pop, and on the other side I really found it hot... like it was hot in a sexual way.

With all that I discovered that this is not "something weird you did as kid" - I discovered that itīs a fetish and obviously some People are into that. I found a few Modell Shooting Videos involving balloons... and that really set my decision. I want to get back to this... as soon as possible.

Before I bought my first balloons I did some Research about that Topic and figured out that it could be triggered by People being phobic about balloon popping and also in the article I read there was really lots of usefull Information... so I went to Amazon page and ordered some balloons.

I got some from a Company called "Karaloon". I found it quite odd, what they were supposed to be used for... In the description and the Picture it was said These balloons were designed to be under inflated, and some (more than 10) put under a blanket... and a kid then could lay on the blanket or could sit on it without the
balloons popping. Also on the package there was a Picture of how that should look... I thought, k, These Sound nice... and bought them along with some other random

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