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Post A long time coming
It's finally arrived my brand new suit i've been waiting almost a month for it.
A red dual layer hooded inflatable suit in four xl i could barely contain myself as i sign for the delivery and bring it inside and into my room.
I quickly check if anyone is home the house is empty other than me heart pounding i take the nail file and cut the tape between me and my sweet latex friend.
As i open the box the smell of latex is almost overwhelming taking a breath in enjoying the aroma for a moment i take the suit out of the box letting it unravel in front of me seeing it in all of it's glory.
At this point i can't contain myself anymore striping down to nothing i throw my clothes aside and slip into the suit after squirming around in the suit for about a minute it's finally on.
Slipping the hood over my head i quickly feel around for the valve finding it on my shoulder i get my compressor and attach it to the valve and look at the settings for it wondering how much psi i should set it for i set it for 10 psi and hit start.
The compressor starts and i can feel the air rushing in slowly filling the suit
i lay down on my bed next to my compressor the feeling of almost pure ecstasy as the suit fills and fills getting bigger and bigger.
At this point the suit is starting to look a little big for a first inflation so i go to reach for the pump then i realize that i just can't reach from where i am so i try to move closer to it but i can't move all while the suit keeps inflating more and more getting tighter and tighter.
I'm getting quite worried at this point.
Is the suit gonna pop?
I'm i about to be smothered by a giant out control balloon?
Not the worst way to go out i thought as the suit begins to envelop my arms and legs at this point i'm just dry cumming waiting for ether the suit to pop, for it to kill me or the compressor to stop.
Just as it begins to envelop my head the compressor stops. Thank god i say out loud wiggling around in celebration i'm defiantly gonna leave a positive review about this suit. Now how the hell i'm i gonna get out of this suit?
Before i can even think i hear the front door open. James we're home!
Shit my parents are home well at least they can get me out of this suit i just hope they do it without popping it though i'm defiantly doing this again but next time i'll have a exit strategy. Just as i finish my thought my bedroom door opens.
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